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babylove921 05-29-2012 01:46 PM

Levi Joseph's birth story.
I felt really bad Saturday, May 12th. My church had a Mothers Day Brunch, so I went with my mom. I had been having small contractions since I woke up but since I had been having them for 2 weeks didn't think anything of it.
I wasn't feeling right though, I just ignored it all.
Got done with the Brunch, drove home, called Jason told him I had to get Asher out of the house I need to take a bath, and Asher was gonna be too much energy for me to handle. He took him to the grocery store, I took a hot bath, turned on the radio and drank some ice water. Felt great in the water. But I got out and those stupid contractions were still around, not painful just annoying. Jason got home. Decided to start making dinner. Eventually I was timing contractions, very abnormal and further apart, but still there. Ate dinner, Asher went to bed at 8pm, Rays game came on. Watched, but couldn't pay attention, all of a sudden, contractions came back with a fury and 5 minutes apart. Waited 30 minutes, now 3 minutes apart. Grabbed Asher went took him to sitters. I was now crying silently and at the same time, laughing and talking to you ladies.
I had been 2-3cm, 50% for weeks. When we got into hospital and checked I was 4cm, 80% and -2. So within 30 or so minutes of monitoring, everything looked good, so me and jason walked the halls. We walked 30/45 mins and I got back to the room and was now 5cm, 100% and a bulging bag. Decided to get the epidural. Waited about an hour before it was ordered, and in and could feel good. Dr said i'd have a baby within the next hour, I laughed, so the anesthesiologist. gave me what he calls a "dense" epi. Well the nurse came in as soon as I felt nothing did the catheter, and checked me and my water broke and I was 6cm, 100%, -1. About 30 mins and levi's heart rate dropped. So nurse comes rushing in with oxygen and I did that for 30 minutes and everything was fine. Ended up the cord around his neck and the way I was laying aggravated him. So I turned on my side and he was happy again. Checked again by Dr. I was now 7cm and still -1 and she determined he was sunny side up. So we moved to the other side, I was facing Jason and my mom.. boom, dr came in 30 minutes later, took off the oxygen, checked me, his head was right there and I was complete. She asked if I wanted to push, 3 pushes and he was out. Skin to skin for a few minutes. Apgar was 8. He wasn't screaming.. but when they took him from my chest he freaked. Then he breastfed quickly after that.

blesdfish 05-30-2012 12:07 AM

Re: Levi Joseph. 5/13/12 4:12am
Congratulations mama!

Almacham 05-30-2012 07:56 PM

Re: Levi Joseph. 5/13/12 4:12am
Congratulations! :)

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