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Choose2bgr8 04-26-2006 06:57 AM

OCD kids
I am beginning to think that Lilly has OCD. I am curious if others have OCD kids. How old are your kids? How old were they when you first noticed OCD? Tell me about your experience.

BeedieWeedieB 04-26-2006 07:03 AM

Re: OCD kids
My dh and I think our oldest might be OCD and his occupational therapist is trying to work with him on it, he is still so young maybe we can at least tone it down. He is not quite 29 months old. I can give more details later, this is a drive by posting as I have a lot to do this morning, but the title got me.


allycat 04-26-2006 07:20 AM

Re: OCD kids
What is OCD, ignore my ignorance?

Choose2bgr8 04-26-2006 07:22 AM

Re: OCD kids
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Sorry.

BeedieWeedieB 04-26-2006 08:15 AM

Re: OCD kids
OK, back now. Some of Thomas' behavior is hard to differentiate, he is 2 years old and they can act eccentric at times but much of his behavior has been around since before then, also he has some sensory issues tha get thrown in the mix.
HIs behaviors, well he is a book lover, however all books must go in order, never skipping any page, he even thinks at times he is skipping a page when he isnt and tries to rip the single page apart. When his therapist tries to work with him on skipping or going out of order he was messed up and crying for that book for two weeks (we will never own 10 little ladybugs :)
Alphabet magnets must always be line dup on the refirdgerator
He has the leap frog alphabet bus and once he starts with A he cannot leave it, he must finish alphabet, we put him to bed once part way through and he needed to finish pushing the buttons in order to fall asleep.
Same thing happened with reading a banner in his room, we did all but one word and he could not fall asleep until I went back and spelt out the last word for him, he was asleep in 5 minutes.
He has to recite alphabet correctly, or say line to a song, etc he knows, if not he starts saying upsettedly no no no and then needs help to calm down and say it again.
Wow this sounds just like I have a child I give into a lot, but if you actually saw the behavbior and how he acts it would be more obvious. Basically he needs order and things done 'correctly'. There is no, well thats good enough hes only 2, he wants/needs to be perfect (this is only in areas he knows) His therapist's tactic lately is to try and get him used to disorder, such as the book incident above, yesterday we went into the kitchen room to practice with utensils and she messed up all the abc magnets and didnt let him fix them until after he he finished his therapy for day.
I understand neatness and order are a good thing for kids, but at his age he should be I guess more flexible.
He also has cases where he has to repeat something over and over to himself when he doesnt get it right the first time too.


Carrie 04-26-2006 09:42 AM

Re: OCD kids
I don't know much at all about OCD but I do know it is normal for toddlers to have certain ideas about how things must be done that may seem unreasonable to adults. Maybe a therapist could tell you more about whether she is in the typical range for this behavior?

Choose2bgr8 04-26-2006 10:48 AM

Re: OCD kids
It is not a HUGE deal. The things she does are tolerable. I am not interested in a diagnosis or medicine, but how I can help her so she doesn't end up like Melvin Udall from As Good As It Gets.

Things she does:
~She WILL NOT eat with out a spoon or a fork. Even if it is finger food she has to have a utensil.
~We cannot call her anything buy Lil or Lilly. Not "hunny", "sweetheart", "baby" or any of those things. For awhile She refused to be called anything but Lil. When we call her something else she shouts "No, I Lil" or "No, I Lilly". When she was "stuck" on Lil we couldn't even call her Lilly. She would say, "No, I Lil".
~She has to have routine or she doesn't sleep well (I know this is common for a young'in, but it isn't as simple as it sounds)
~She needs her needs taken care of NOW or she will get herself in "trouble" by doing something she knows she isn't supposed to (like playing with the toilet plunger).

That is all I can think of at the moment and it isn't as pronounced as the pp, but I still feel something is there and would like to be educated.

wbkt8 04-26-2006 11:07 AM

Re: OCD kids

~She needs her needs taken care of NOW or she will get herself in "trouble" by doing something she knows she isn't supposed to (like playing with the toilet plunger).
well, i don't know about the rest - but that sounds like classic toddler to me. i don't know how old your kiddo is but mine's 19 months and just starting to do that sort of thing. partly testing limits but also it's the negative attention thing. dd for awhile if you didn't pick her up/do what she wanted right then would go off & bang her head on something (the wall, the fridge door, etc.) so that she would get picked up. the usual advice - try to not reinforce negative behavior by responding to it, encourage the good behavior. i think learning to delay gratification/waiting a little bit for something is really hard for toddlers. i don't really know when it's reasonable to expect it honestly.


Choose2bgr8 04-26-2006 11:39 AM

Re: OCD kids
I guess THAT particular example is classic toddler. It was a bad example.

1boy1girl1bitty2 04-26-2006 12:06 PM

Re: OCD kids
di asked the dr. about this and he said that it was mostly just a clasic toddler and that ocd is rarely diognose in any one younger than 16. i thought my daughter was cause she was just like most of the descriptions above. but it lasted about a year (toys all perfectly lined up, pink with pink, blue with blue, not stepping on cracks etc.) and she got over it. now we are going threw something similiar she is acting like this again but now its due to having a new baby in the house.
hold up mamas this might last a while but they will get over it

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