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MammaGehl 06-13-2006 01:12 PM

TTC while breastfeeding
So we would like to have our first two kids as close together as possible, but I am ebf Jack and do not have him on any sort of schedule. He sleeps well at night, usually just wakes up to nurse once. So, is there any thing I can do to get my fertility back early without short changing Jack? I want to be able to bf him at least a year and don't mind regulating his feedings a little more but want to make sure he is getting all the benefits of breastfeeding.

I know that I might have to resign myself to waiting a while before we can start trying, but it took us ten months to get preggo that it sure would be nice to start trying sooner rather than later...

But if anyone has any advice on things to do (like limited feedings at night or only nursing from one side per feeding) that might help AF show up sooner it would be nice to know!

Thanks :goodvibes:

bfoster2000 06-13-2006 01:44 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
There's a book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" that I've heard lots of people talk about but I haven't read it myself. Supposedly it has some tips about TTC while BF.

You can also check out this article for information and more links that might be helpful:

Part of it is just going to be your body though. DJ was ebf on demand around the clock (every hour or so in fact!) and I got my period back at 4 weeks post-partum! We were "practicing" abstinance (and we got pretty darn good at it!) but I got preggo again about the fifth time we "did it" so apparently my fertility came back with a vengeance too. My cousin's baby was ebf on demand around the clock (about every 2 hours) and she got hers back around 8 months but has been actively TTC with no luck for the past 15 months since then. The OB I saw with my first son told me that she didn't get her period back till 13 months AFTER she completely weaned...and she was never able to pump much so she started supplementing with formula when her daughter was 6 weeks old! Everybody's different I guess...

Good luck...

zonapellucida 06-13-2006 02:09 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
MMMM I had to get a cycle first before I could conceive while EBF..

CourtneyinAlaska 06-13-2006 02:52 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
Well I got af back when Avery was about 7months old. He had been on solids for about a month. They are still screwy though (51 days and counting). I have heard good things about Vitex and B6 to regulate your cycle and lenghten your luteal phase respectivly. I went to my accupunturist yesterday for treatment and he also gave me these asian herbs to take. If it works i'll let you know!

Oh and I am also trying to stretch out the time before I feed him during the day. I gave up long ago for nights (we co-sleep).

EasterBun 06-13-2006 05:35 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
TCOYF basically says to night-wean and offer more solids than BM to bring your fertility back... which I'm sure isn't the answer you wanted to hear. We've been working on night-weaning DD but still no AF here yet... and she'll be a year at the end of the month.

hacandsac 06-13-2006 05:41 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
I'm EBF my 25mo DS and am 5mo. prego. He nurses about 2-3 times a night (we cosleep) and 4-5 times during the day.

Radish4ever 06-13-2006 08:31 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
My AF returned when DD was around 11 months old and i got pg that next cycle - she was still nursing TONS so I think it was just my body's timing!


yellowcampcat 06-13-2006 08:43 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
I think it depends on your body. My cycle didn't return until we were down to one nursing session a day at 12mos, and my SIL's didn't until she had been done completely for a month, but I have friends whose cycles came back while they were still nursing multiple times per day.
I know that one of the milk production hormones prolactin? works to inhibit ovulation, but I'm not sure exactly how. It might help to familiarize yourself with your body's fertility signs (CM, BBT) if you haven't might catch an ovulation before your AF would show up the first time.

yellowcampcat 06-13-2006 08:44 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
BTW, where are you in nva?

MammaGehl 06-14-2006 04:31 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding
Thanks for all the responses. That is pretty much what I figured, I was just hoping someone had the magic 'get your fertility back' pill to offer =)

Yellowcampcat: I live in Oakton, right next to Fairfax, but not for much longer, we are listing our TH next week and moving to Buffalo, NY in a few months!

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