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randifay 06-04-2012 04:55 PM

Big Knit Destash!! **Prices reduced!**
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We are potty learning woot woot!

The nitty gritty fine print: iso PayPal only. US shipping only. All prices include shipping.

I am measuring all pieces at rest and will disclose any flaws our needs (shaving, lanolizing etc) as best I can, but I am human so please do not expect perfection. I cannot recall all of the wool brands I used when knitting these, what I do recall I will post. Everything is 100% hand wash wool.

Other than the NB soakers listed all of these have been lovingly first hand used by my own child.

Smoke free, Chihuahua friendly home (not that the Chihuahua had much interest in wool) ...

ETA: Scrappies!!....see reply #28 Link here:

First up, two newborn soakers: brand new, not even lanolized, never worn. Asking $20 for both ppd. The orange/brown one had a small knot in the yarn that shows near the waist, should not impede function, seems secure, see pics below. This wool was from Mexico, cannot recall exact brand. Both measure the same-at rest: waist 9-10 inches, rise 16, leg holes 5.5 inches.

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Attachment 107545

SOLD Pink skirty-same unknown wool as above. Slight felting in crotch area. Probably needs a wash/soak with some lanolin. Super adorable! Measures 16.5 inches at waist-not a whole lot of waist stretch left. Rise is 16.5 inches, leg holes at rest 9 inches. SOLD

Attachment 107548

Attachment 107547

SOLD Next was my attempt at a one size knit soaker with a couple half balls of yarn. The rise is super high so it can be folded over. It is reversable as well. There are a couple seams where the ribbing didn't line up perfect, but they went together solid. The bottom half is a maroon colored cascade 220 heathered yarn. The other half is a matching multicolored lovely thick yarn. With some leg cuffs this would be bullet proof for night time! I just never got around to it. Measurements at rest: 16.5 inches with drawstring loose. Rise 21.5 inches. Leg holes: 9 inches.
Asking SOLD
Bottom pic represents most accurate color.

Attachment 107550

Attachment 107551

Attachment 107552

Attachment 107553

French blue and cream capris. Cascade 220 heathered periwinkle and solid cream colored. These were only worn a few times, the cream (of corse) picked up stains. Freshly soaked in lanolin wash, possible to get more stains out with some scrubbing. Looks like some ever so slight felting in the bum as well. Measures: 15.5 inches @ waist, 16.5 inch rise, 4.5 inch leg including ruffle, not including gusset. Asking $13 ppd

Attachment 107557

Attachment 107556

Attachment 107555

This next a long skirted Capri/ short pant, sort of scrappy...was using up bits of old yarn balls. The red and periwinkle don't fully match the stripes. The red and periwinkle are cascade yarns, the stripes were hand dyed by me. (kool aid dye fun, well set). The legs have a slight ruffle to the bottom and eyelets if you want to add ties to them. Very slight felting in bum under skirt. needs a shave.
Measures: waist 17.5 inches, rise 17 inches, legs not including gusset 6.5 inches. SOLD SOLD

Attachment 107563

Attachment 107562

This little skirty....oh my breaks my heart to let it go. Super precious and I used a generous amount of yarn on all the ruffles...around the legs and on the skirt. Again, super slight felting on bum under skirt. Cascade yarns. Waist 14 inches, rise 17.5 inches, leg holes 8.5-9 inches. SOLD SOLD

Attachment 107560

Attachment 107568

Lastly some lusciously thick longies. Don't know the brand of the colored wool, but it's the same softness as the cascade yarn it's trimmed in. Ruffles cap the legs. The bums got some staining, might be scrubbable. Some felting on the front side. Needs to be lanolized and shaved. Awesome night time jammies-THICK and WARM! Asking $20ppd
Measures 16 inch waist, just over 17 inch rise and 9 inch legs not including gusset.

Attachment 107572

Attachment 107573

Attachment 107574

randifay 06-04-2012 10:21 PM

Not sure if there are extra random pics at the bottom of my thread or if it's just my view. Please disregard if so! :-)

mamagonzo 06-05-2012 07:24 AM

Re: Big Knit Destash!!
pming you!

randifay 06-05-2012 10:24 AM

Bumpity bump! Good morning :-)

randifay 06-05-2012 08:41 PM

Nighty night!

randifay 06-06-2012 09:43 AM

Bump for bump Day :-D

randifay 06-06-2012 11:41 PM

Bump for the late nighters

randifay 06-07-2012 10:09 AM


MuddyInsignia 06-07-2012 11:54 AM

Re: Big Knit Destash!!
Hello, I would be interested in the following:
pink skirt soaker: $15
one size multicolored knit soaker: $13
blue and cream capris: $15
"Lusciously" think longies: $20

Feel free to email me to coordinate (since I am new here, I know I have no ratings, etc.)

randifay 06-08-2012 05:16 PM


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