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CM6755 06-07-2012 03:04 PM

DP & I do NOT agree on finding out...any suggestions?
DP & I cannot agree on finding out the sex of the baby...I say no, he says yes. His reason is so he can paint the room, I think it's just so he can stop wondering...LOL I see the pro's of both sides. Part of me would be okay finding out so I can sell the boy stuff if it's a girl...but on the other hand I feel that I would be risking being disappointed if it's a boy (not b/c it's a boy, I actually 'want' another boy) and I don't benefit from knowing...i.e. I can't get rid of clothing and prepare for new baby...LOL

I feel like I need to 'give' DP something with the pregnancy...after all, we get to make all of the decisions and we get to feel the kicks and all of the other good stuff, right? Then again, I feel that maybe I should get my way b/c I have to deal with all of the uncomfortable stuff too, right? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I dunno'.......

I heard of having a 'gender reveal party' where even the parents don't know. I was thinking maybe have the sonographer write the gender on a card, seal it in an envelope and take it STRAIGHT to the cake maker to use at a later date before the party...she can make a cake or cupcakes with a gender neutral outside and dye the cake blue or pink...then we cut into it or take a bite of a cupcake and find out! Then have a Sip n See after baby is born (this is what they do in Texas so I am told) and this would be more similar to a baby shower...the reveal party is more for adults to get together and have a good time, if someone wants to bring a gender neutral gift they can, but it is TOTALLY optional (just like a shower) and for those who want to buy something gender specific they can wait till till the Sip n See. The reveal party would be about a month or two before due date. I realize some people believe you should not have baby showers for subsequent children, but I want to celebrate the birth of this baby just as much, with as many friends and family, and just as loudly as we did the 1st!

What are your thoughts? Part of me says that if we are waiting till September to 'reveal' they why not wait another two months, then the other part says to compromise with DP...LOL I'm crazy.....

rosenfried2 06-07-2012 08:12 PM

Ddc. I made a cake for a gender reveal party. It was so fun! The parents had been surprised for their first two a boy and a girl so they opted for this fun idea. It was really cool. That being said, I chose not to find out for this one and since I'm carrying baby, dh didn't have a say!

MommyAbby 06-08-2012 04:41 PM

Re: DP & I do NOT agree on finding out...any suggestions?
My DH and I are having a gender reveal party with our friends and family.. I think it's good to find out so you can prepare yourself and the house. Plus, parties are fun!

Alida 06-09-2012 11:24 AM

Re: DP & I do NOT agree on finding out...any suggestions?
Someone on my other board had the tech put it in a sealed envelope and gave it to her parents. The parents did a gender reveal party with a big jar of m&ms more red= girl and more blue = boy. Her jar was more red!

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