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lalakiwi7 06-15-2012 09:47 PM

Help me guess my Due date
Soooooooo I am just coming off a three month round of depot lupron after removing stage four endometriosis and a large piece of encapsulated placenta from my uterus (from DD) in Jan so no period since Jan. I am trying to guess my conception date and my due date although I know I am not off by more than a few days so in the long run it won't matter but I like to nit pick. :)

So I am prettys sure I conceived the week of May 24th-26th that weekendish. I know I worked on the 25th but I "think" we DTD on either of those days but we may have also DTD early in the week as well. I am basing conception on the 26th right now.

I got my pos HPT on June 5th and it came up on a IC right away but was faint, FRER was a bit darker and I got a pos digital with a 45 min held urine. The 6th my HCG was 55. By the 9th my FRERs and IC test lines were darker than control lines. Monday the 12th my beta was over 800 and Wednesday the 14th my beta was over 2000.

soooooo any guessers. :) prior to surgery I had a perfect 13 day LP fairly consistantly. I am guessing tomorrow I will be 5 weeks. :) I would love you to guess with me. I need the distraction. :giggle2:

brookglen 06-15-2012 10:19 PM

Re: Help me guess my Due date
February 14th.

Of course I'm really just spit balling here. Most pregnancy tests make that jump from normal line to super dark line at about 17dpo, which would make your date of conception May 24th. Which is what you're are already suspecting. The only thing is that your hcgs wouldn't fit into the average median then, but then again it's all very subjective that early. So my guess is February 14th.

peaches330 06-16-2012 12:52 AM

Re: Help me guess my Due date
I think the 13th or the 14th. I believe that I conceived on the 24th (had an "oops") and I knew I was pregnant as soon as that happened so I was testing pretty regularly. On the 5th I got a really faint + on a frer with fmu and then went to the store and came back and got a faint + on an equate and then a + on a digi. I am due the 14th so around then would be my best guess.

lalakiwi7 06-16-2012 03:13 PM

Re: Help me guess my Due date
Well I had my daughter almost two weeks late so I am fully anticipating to go late any way. ha not that the 2-3 days matters but I just am dying to know when my little bean was conceived. :) hehe

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