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5PrincessMommy 06-21-2012 03:11 AM

Toddler undressing in public
My 2 y/o loves to undress in public. At home she doesn't really wear clothes, and that's okay, because 1) we're home 2) it's over 100 degrees 3) she is potty training

Now, the problem is she undresses in public. At the library during an animal show, she proceeded to take off her clothes and a little girl said "she embarrassed me". I was struggling the whole time to keep putting her clothes on and deal with the baby. Eventually I took her out, because she wouldn't stay dressed. Today at the doctors she undressed. The doctor laughed it off and said it's because she's jealous of her baby sister. Not quite sure how that equals undressing, but okay lol

After the doctor, we went to a thrift store, where she again took off her shirt. I've kind of sort of maybe (as in not really sure) made the connection that she possibly does this when she wants to nurse. For example, today she hadn't nursed all day yet the whole time we were gone. Normally she wakes up and nurses but today we were running behind and I woke her up, got her dressed, got a snack and drink and put her in the car to make it to the doc apt. When I nurse I get undressed/take my shirt off and we lay in bed. So maybe she thinks SHE needs to take her shirt off when she wants to nurse. Another clue that makes me think this is because when she wants to nurse she pinches her nipples (weird, right?). And, she was pinching her nipples. So, perhaps it's not really so much about the clothes, but the fact that she can't pinch her nipples with her shirt on??? I don't know! But at the library she wasn't pinching her nipples, and she had nursed right before we went to the library, so I don't really know if that has anything to do with it. I'm really :headscratch:

She no longer nurses in public, and hasn't for a long time, simply because I have the baby as well, and I can't manage/hold the baby while nursing her. So, that puts me in a bind. So if that really is the issue (wanting to nurse) then I don't really know how to resolve it. If it's not about wanting to nurse, then I still don't know how to resolve it. She simply won't keep her clothes on sometimes. You fight with her to put them on and she takes them right back off.

So, any ideas? doctor said to try button up shirts backwards, but he also said that she will probably figure out that too. besides, that'd look really silly in public (no sillier than naked! lol). I'd really just like her to keep her clothes on. Should I train her to keep clothes on at home? I just hate to MAKE her wear clothes at home when it's so hot and uncomfy. But at the same time, how confusing is that to not have to wear clothes at home but to have to wear clothes in public? She is super, super strong willed and very hard to manage. She is by far my most difficult one, but she is so sweet and cute too hehe.

Anyone have this issue? what did you do?

5PrincessMommy 06-21-2012 11:33 AM

Re: Toddler undressing in public
aww come on, nobodys toddler undresses in public?

hcarli 06-21-2012 11:38 AM

Re: Toddler undressing in public
DS is only 13 months so the undressing hasn't been an issue as of yet.

I'm kind of relieved to hear someone else's LO pinches themselves though. DS just started that and I wasn't sure where He was coming from with that. For us there doesn't seem to be any connection between pinching and wanting to nurse...

Hopefully someone has some advice for you. I could see this becoming an issue for us in the future as we don't wear clothes at home either.

5PrincessMommy 06-21-2012 11:43 AM

Re: Toddler undressing in public
It took me a while to figure out the pinching, but I am positive now that's why she does it, although I have no idea why!

I'm not a very good example of the clothes thing either...I usually wear a tank and undies around the house. I'd be happy if she'd wear just a diaper and shirt, but she loves taking off her shirt. I think I will bring her toy story shirt everywhere I go. She loves that shirt, so maybe when she gets into her undressing mood she'll wear the toy story one.

pcjs 06-21-2012 12:34 PM

Re: Toddler undressing in public
90% of what ever my son does is usually tied back to copying us. But, all I can say is :giggle2::giggle2::giggle2::giggle2: too funny since she isn't doing it to me.

5PrincessMommy 06-21-2012 12:37 PM

Re: Toddler undressing in public

Originally Posted by pcjs (Post 15285485)
90% of what ever my son does is usually tied back to copying us. But, all I can say is :giggle2::giggle2::giggle2::giggle2: too funny since she isn't doing it to me.

LOL she is so embarrassing! When she took her shirt off in Savers, this lady goes "I see your cheechees!" and dd put her hands over her nipples and stared at her lol. She makes me :banghead: and :giggle2: all at the same time.

ETA: FTR I have never undressed in public, hahahahahahahaha

bluedaisyma 06-21-2012 12:46 PM

Re: Toddler undressing in public
my 2nd did this all the time. he had sensory issues, though and so hated the feeling of certain clothes. 2 of my others have been extreme nudists, but never in public. I don't know why, maybe they just sensed that it was ok to be nude at home and not out in public? I would put stuff on her that is hard to take off, like a dress that buttons up the back, maybe? And let her know that she can be as naked as she wants at home, but not out. Just like she can yell outside, but not inside, kwim?
FTR, my 2 yr old does wear clothes when we go out bc I say, "if you want to go bye bye you have to wear clothes" and then he keeps them on....however, he doesn't wear clothes outside- like when I take the recycling or trash out, he likes to help and comes outside naked, plays in the yard naked....I keep wondering if someone is gonna call CPS for nudity, lol

5PrincessMommy 06-21-2012 12:58 PM

Re: Toddler undressing in public
well, she gets dressed to go somewhere. She has no problem getting dressed, just has a problem keeping them on! I like the idea of dresses that button up the back, except I think she will still try to get her arms out. But, I am going to try that.

I've actually wondered if she may have some sensory issues, but I honestly can't tell. Sometimes I think so, then other times I think "no, she's just being stubborn". But dh did mention it yesterday to me "well maybe she just doesn't like the way the clothes feel". I am going to pay more attention and if she keeps doing it, see if there's any connection to what she's wearing. With shoes she is super picky and says "feet hurt" all the time, and takes them off as soon as she gets in her car seat, but she will wear them to walk around in public, b/c one time she was determined not to put them back on and dh said let her try it, the grounds too hot, she'll give in in about 2 seconds, and she did, and since then she will wear her shoes. BUT with clothes there's no real incentive. SO, idk..

isabelsmummy 06-21-2012 01:18 PM

Re: Toddler undressing in public
There could be all kinds of reasons, but you'll probably never really resolve it.
I think you just need to tell her that the rule is that we wear clothes outside the house. EVERYONE does. That's just the rule. Like car seats.

Talk about it before you go out. Remind her that if she undresses at the library you'll have to leave etc..

I have friends who have 4 nudist kids. Their rule is naked is fine when it's just family but otherwise shirts and pants must be worn!

pcjs 06-21-2012 03:24 PM

Re: Toddler undressing in public
You know, I would probably absolutely ignore it and let her go naked. You both are making a huge fuss over it so she's probably doing it for the attention (of course this is easy for me to say as my kid keeps his clothing on).

I'd try to get some different clothing that is much harder to take off and keep the clothes snug.

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