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JuneBugg 06-24-2012 12:48 PM

Need more help with FAM
I am currently on cycle day 19 of my first charted cycle PP. Here is where I need help:

According to my CF I've had 3-4 "peaks" in the last week with my cervix being high,soft and open only on the first peak, and sticky,slippery stretchy CF on and off for the past week.

I am currently charting on paper and using the TCOYF software that came with the book, it says I probably ovulated yesterday.

My cervix is Firm and Low and Closed and my temps are up but I am still having slippery,stretchy, sticky, cloudy CF, so am I still fertile or am I safe?
All my other signs are telling me I am safe but my CF says I am still VERY fertile, so needless to say I am pretty confused.
DH really wants to well......ya know ;) :blush: and I do to but I don't know if I am safe or still fertile.

Can you ovulate with the cervix being LOW and closed and firm?
Anyone have any advice?

Thanks! :goodvibes:

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