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aflyingbuttress 06-30-2012 07:20 AM

HUGE IHA and ISO (hover for info, pics inside)
Pics included: Fitteds, AIOs, AI2s, covers, prefolds, inserts, doublers, bottles, bottle warmer, bottle drying rack, magic bullet, bath cradle, bassinet sheets, sling, moby, boys cloths (18-24 mo), girls clothes, city slips slippers for mama, earth mama angel baby tea & new mama bottom spray, some toys, etc. I have more pics of everything.

A lot in here I would trade for very little. Just want to get rid of stuff and if I could trade that would be great.

My ISO is at the bottom

Please PM me

IHA (all come from a smoke free, cat friendly home):


3 econobum prefolds with 2 covers

4 diaper service quality prefolds that I don't know what the brand is. They are newborn and small size.

Very Baby M/L fitted

Dri-Line Small fitted

Misc small fitted

Swaddlebees small fitted

Misc Small (not the same as above, no velcro on this one)

Misc. fitted pocket small

Thirsties fitted small

1 Baa Baa Baby fitted, size small, also great for overnights

1 Kawaii Baby pocket in great shape

3 Swaddlebees pockets that need some sewing on the velcro but otherwise function

3 Kawaii pockets that are very old and need new elastic

2 medium Fuzzy Bunz

2 Thirsties AIOs, size small

1 Rockin Rumps AI2, one size

2 Softbums Echo Shells w/ 2 Super Dry Touch Inserts, lots of pilling on the covers and a few small holes in the inserts

1 Softbums Omni Shell

2 sposoeasy AIOs, very stained

2 Bumkins AIOs, very stained

5 pull on covers (like oldstyle plastic pants)

3 Thirsties size one covers
3 Bummis covers size small

2 Bottombumpers Medium (I DO have the inserts for them)

2 Swaddlebees Mediums

Blueberry Medium

GONE [IMG]Grovia AI2 Shell (no insert) only used a few times

WAHM Pocket NEW (second quality, some stitching issues and snap issues)

WAHM AI2 NEW (second quality, stitching issues and no backing on inside snaps)

18 EEEUC Flip Stay Dry Inserts

Mama made inserts (These are GREAT!!)

All washed in Nellies Laundry Soda and RLR.

Feeding Baby

Babies R Us Bottle drying rack

Nuk bottles - 7 used 5oz and 3 NIP 8oz, pink and green, all in great condition.

7 Playtex 7 oz ventaire bottles

1 4 oz playtex drop in w/ some sleeves

Magic Bullet with all parts included

4 7 oz Dr. Browns Glass Bottles. New without packaging.

6 evenflow 4 oz bottles. 3 are NIP

I THINK this is a bottle sanitizer??

Bottle warmer - works great, comes with 4 water containers (2 extra) and 2 ice packs (1 extra)

Bath, Bed & Babywearing

Munchkin safety baby bath cradle (NIP)

7 bassinet sheets

Seven slings size 9 sling

Moby wrap (used condition)

Baby and Kids Clothes

A few S/M/L girls t shirts (I think these are kids sizes)

Gap girls size 8 pants

KRU 3T Pants

A few 18 mo and 24 mo boys onsies (sorry for the upside down photos. I keep fixing it but my computer is being stubborn) Tigger & Cars onsies are gone. Truck and dino T are gone

Boys shorts 18-24 months


Bright starts tummy time mat

Learn to dress elmo

Crayola rattle

Bear with baseball lovey

For Mama

Earth Mama Angel Baby Third Trimester Tea

Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray NEW


Salad tongs

Water bottle

Giraffe neck pillow


iPod car charger

A few things I don't have pics of at the moment, but can easily get and are coming soon:

-7 GMD yellow edge doublers
-8 GMD hemp doublers
-City slips foldable ballet flats
-Baseball plush toy
-Coach diaper bag, includes changing pad insert. It's black and is genuine. I can take a pic of the tag. I bought this a few years ago at a Coach store so I am 100% sure it is genuine.
-Pair of genuine leather knee high wide calf boots, made by Duo Boots in Europe. These were $200 boots only worn a couple of times. They have a kitten heel.
-Small Kashmir Rug, purchased in India, by me. I think its about 2 feet x 3 feet. Good for hanging on a wall.
-Sims 2 games
-TONS of 14-16, 18-20, 22-24 plus size clothes and some maternity clothes. Please ask if you are looking for something specific. I will take a pic. It's just way too much to take pics of at the moment.
-Lots of 0-3 month baby girl clothes.
-Motorcycle helmet and a couple of motorcycle jackets, two mens, one women's. I think they are size large and extra large. I might even have some motorcycle boots.
-Sega game gear in mint condition.
-Kindle 2 - The connection to Amazon whisper net no longer works, but the usb connection is fine and books can be added via computer with no issue. Otherwise in excellent condition.
-NIP Ameda Pump In Style. I also have some used pump parts if interested.

I probably have more. If there is something you are looking for please feel free to ask me.

-Amazon gift cards
-Babies R Us gift cards
-Whole Foods gift cards
-Others (try me)

Diapers & Diapering
-Bumgenius Freetime AIO w/ snaps
-Bumgenius Elemental AIO w/ snaps
-Itti Bitti Tutto w/ snaps
-Bamboo inserts
-Not sure what they are called but I'd like some winter wool for DD - long pants I can put over a fitted diaper - for 9-12 mo in girly colors
-Soap nuts
-Planet Wise wet bag
-Clothes line
-travel wipes case

Baby Clothes (If it's not listed here, I don't need it)
-IVDSO Baby sweaters 6 mo +
-IVDSO Baby t-shirts 6 mo + (short and long sleeve)
-Solid color baby legs/my little legs
-Baby socks for 6 mo +
-Fall jacket for 6 mo +
-Winter jacket for 9 mo +

Kitchen & Household
-Unpaper towels
-Kitchen knives (desperately need a bread knife)
-Dutch oven
-Kitchenaid mixer
-Glass measuring cups (1 c, 2 c, and 4 c)
-Cooling racks for cookies (small openings underneath)
-Wooden kitchen spoons for cooking
-Food storage in various sizes, for freezer, fridge and microwave
-Jars for food storage
-Canning jars
-Airtight containers for food storage
-Baby spoons (found), forks & bowls
-Travel containers for baby food
-Basically anything for starting a baby on solids, I have nothing
-Baby food good for travel (no meat)
-Cookbooks on cooking from scratch
-How to Cook Everything Vegetarian
-Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

Personal Care
-Homemade facial moisturizer for extreme dry skin
-Homemade shampoo and conditioner
-Homemade soap
-Containers for homemade stuff like cleaning supplies, hand soap, etc.
-Mama cloth
-Amber teething necklace

Activities for Baby and Me
-Children's books (DD is 4 months)
-Baby sign language DVD or book or kit
-Baby t shirts 6 months plus
-Skip Hop Toys
-Unique toys for babies 4 months and up
-Exercise DVD for working out with Baby (beginner level)
-Any kind of DVD with follow along activities to do with baby
-Activities to do with baby that aren't just toys for her
-Soft rainbow stacker
-Fill and spill
-Melissa and Doug Bird Shape Sorter
-Wooden & fabric toys for 6 mo +
-Montessori inspired toys for 6 mo +

-Fold over elastic
-Patterns for diapers, baby clothes 6-12 mo, fat quarter projects, stuffed animals, toys or baby items, etc.
-Good fabric for diaper or mama cloth making
-PUL diaper cuts in cute prints

-Stroller organizer
-The Sims 3 games
-Good books!
-Dr. Browns Level 2 nipples (just need a few of them)
-Shopping cart cover
-A beautiful locket

Please PM me.

I live on LONG ISLAND and travel to NYC often. If you are local let me know and we could potentially meet up and save on shipping.

MegsAJL 06-30-2012 07:31 AM

Re: IHA: GMD, Motherease, DSQ prefolds, Econobums ISO: AIO, AI2, Pockets (Brand & WAH
I have two smartipants (pink and purple) if you are interested. ($10 each ppd)

aflyingbuttress 06-30-2012 08:49 AM

Re: IHA: GMD, Motherease, DSQ prefolds, Econobums ISO: AIO, AI2, Pockets (Brand & WAH
Thanks, but I'm hoping for trade only right now.

coffeemama 06-30-2012 09:03 AM

Re: IHA: GMD, Motherease, DSQ prefolds, Econobums ISO: AIO, AI2, Pockets (Brand & WAH
What size?

sashapigg 06-30-2012 09:50 AM

Pm'd you!

aflyingbuttress 06-30-2012 02:07 PM

Re: IHA: GMD, Motherease, DSQ prefolds, Econobums ISO: AIO, AI2, Pockets (Brand & WAH
Oops! Forgot to put the size. DD is almost 14 lbs, so small-medium, depending on the diaper. Also interested in OS.

coffeemama 06-30-2012 03:50 PM

Re: IHA: GMD, Motherease, DSQ prefolds, Econobums ISO: AIO, AI2, Pockets (Brand & WAH
Not sure I have anything so JIC:thumbsup:

aflyingbuttress 07-01-2012 06:32 AM

Re: IHA: GMD, Motherease, DSQ prefolds, Econobums ISO: AIO, AI2, Pockets (Brand & WAH
bump for update

aflyingbuttress 07-02-2012 12:10 PM

Re: IHA: GMD, Motherease, DSQ prefolds, Econobums ISO: AIO, AI2, Pockets (Brand & WAH

aflyingbuttress 08-02-2012 07:32 AM

Re: IHA: GMD, Motherease, DSQ prefolds, Econobums ISO: AIO, AI2, Pockets (Brand & WAH

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