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jbug_4 07-03-2012 06:16 AM

Summer Fun
Just thought I'd share since dd is having a great time with it. DH told almost 5 year old dd he wanted her to learn something new everyday this summer and then tell him when he comes home from work everyday what she learned that day. It can be anything- writing a new letter, adding, animal or plant facts. Anything she wants it to be- only rules is she has to come up with what she wants to learn about herself and we can't tell her the answer. I have to help her find the answer and read it for her, but I can't just tell her the answer when she asks. I am really surprised dh came up with it- had to give him a big pat on the back for that one.

Yesterday's quest - do ducks have boobies (to feed babies- she is familiar with mammals and well aware that boobies feed babies). So she learned they don't have boobies and that what ducks eat including dirt (so I learned something too- ducks eat dirt to grind their food).

Today's quest- where to mice put their cheese? Wonder where this one is going to lead.

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