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HeatherlovesCDs 07-06-2012 08:48 PM

We can't find her lovey and I am devestated
I have 5 kids. Only one of them has latched onto a lovey type thing. She got it right after she was born. In fact, it's a Christmas dog with green paws and red ears because she was born a week before Christmas. She latched onto it sometime before age 2. I did not purposely try to get her to have a lovey. (not my style) She found it in the toys one day and never put it down. She is 4.5 now. She goes in spurts of playing with it. Sometimes she won't play with it for a few days or a week, but she always goes back to it and way more often than not it's close by.

Well, we can't find it. I don't even know when the last time I saw it was. She hasn't played with it for several days or even a week or more. I really have no clue. :blush: I can't imagine it's not here somewhere because I'm so good about not letting her take it in places and always making sure we have it. I think I'm just as attached to it as she is. :giggle: But we really can't find it.

She was okay till I mentioned getting a new one off Ebay. That's when the tears started. She doesn't want a new one. She wants hers and I can totally understand that. I don't want her to have a new one. Her's has repairs and stains and is very well loved.

I'm pregnant. So, I'm assuming hormones are kicking in, but I've been crying too. :blush: It's just devastating to think that of my 5 children only one has a lovey and we may have lost it. I was trying to think of what item in our house I would be more upset to lose than this dog and I honestly could not think of one. It feels like losing a pet. :cry:

Anyone else feel this strongly about losing their child's lovey. I feel like I must be insane and the only crazy one to act like this. :loony:

TypeAMom 07-06-2012 09:11 PM

Re: We can't find her lovey and I am devestated
My daughter got kinda attached to a rather large stuffed animal when she was about 18 months old. I then got her a Binkibear to hold her pacifier as we were talking about weaning. She adored that bear which made pacifier weaning that much easier (and I love how it's a small toy) and we bought a second one which we switch out so that they look similarly worn. If it were me, I'd order one off ebay and really look everywhere for the original. Check under car seats, at your relative's houses, under couch cushions, lost and found at stores you frequent, etc. Then, I'd introduce the new one and say, "we'll continue to look for it, but this one looks like the original's sibling and has agreed to stand in until the original is found, and then you'll have 2!" Deal with the idea of never finding the original on another day. Good luck! I know how much it hurts to see your kid sad, but take solace in the fact that you're trying hard to find it which is more than some people would do.

HeatherlovesCDs 07-06-2012 09:30 PM

Re: We can't find her lovey and I am devestated
Thanks. So far, I've called at least one store and plan to call more. I've emailed some people whose houses we have been out and torn apart my house. I just have this feeling it's gone. But, I do plan to keep looking and looking and looking. I told her we would keep looking, but that in a few days if we haven't found it, I'd get her a one and she could make friends with it. She said it would have the same name since they looked the same. But, she was definitely still sad. I feel awful for her. But, I guess you are right, at least I'm looking and at least we can replace it. Thanks!

emerino 07-07-2012 09:05 PM

I feel your pain! Dd has been attached to loveys since she was a baby. She lost two when we were house hunting when she was 2yo. So she got a new one that Christmas. She really attached to it. We went on a cruise when she was 3-1/2 and she left it in the restaurant at our last meal! She was so sad. We contacted the cruise line about it but didn't hear back. Every time she mentioned, with a sad face, "I miss Pink Snuggie" we would pray that God would bring her back. Sure enough, a month after the cruise, pink Snuggie showed up in the mail! Now, pink Snuggie stays in her bed and only leaves the house when we go on a road trip (forgot to bring it once and that was not fun!).

Sorry for the long story! Just wanted to say, there's hope!

HeatherlovesCDs 07-07-2012 09:25 PM

Re: We can't find her lovey and I am devestated
Thanks!! That is a great story! I've been praying. We do have a lead on it. On Wed, my parents picked my older kids up and took them home then on to a July 4th party. My husband was working. So, we met them there a couple hours after the party started. I had no clue that she may have brought Doggy with her, but my step-dad is certain she did. I didn't see it and didn't know to look for it before we left. The party was an 1.5hr drive from us and at his brother's house, who we hardly know. It isn't like I can just pop over there and look for it. Plus, their house is very messy (even with people coming it was very messy). I'm thinking it may not be found even if it is there. I'm willing to drive though and if I get confirmation from more than one person that she definitely had it, I'll drive there myself and look for it at their house if they will let me.

However, I did order her a new one from Ebay. Luckily, it's a Ty and there are tons of those online. I found it NWT for $3.95 with free shipping. I'm totally baffled by how they can make money and a bit skeptical, but it is only $4, so worth the risk. There were plenty of others if this one doesn't work out. All afternoon before I had even ordered it, she kept asking me to check the mail to see if her new Doggy was there. I showed her a map of where it is coming from and told her it would take several days (on the opposite coast). Then, she just kept asking me to bring up the photo of it on ebay so she could look at it. It makes me so sad we lost hers. If we don't find it, I'm buying a second one as a back up for the replacement. :laugh:

I'm actually already pretty strict about her bringing it out of the house. I let her bring it in the car, but I don't let her take it in. However, I have 5 little kids and sometimes it slips by me. I had no idea she even had it with her on Wed and I'm still not convinced. (Neither is she. She is 4.5. So, usually she remembers. You never know though.) She did tell me that if she finds Doggy or gets a new one, she will only keep it in her bed so it doesn't get lost.

I'm thinking of getting my toddler twins some Ty animals just in case I can coax them into choosing these as loveys if they want one. That way they are easy to replace. LOL!!!

ETA - I just read my husband your story too and he thought it was great also! Thanks for sharing it with us. :D

Lady_B 07-07-2012 10:06 PM

Ds is 5 months old and since he was born he has a special blanket that is the only way he will sleep. No joke after driving 8 hours in a car and having to deal with my in laws and their friends the second we got there ds (3 mo then) had enough. He cried the entire 15 minute drive over to my moms. So while I was unloading he was still crying and I gave him his blanket and no joke he instantly calmed down much more. We now have 2 blankets. Dd has a bear she loves and I can't get a replacement and It scares me that we will lose it. I hope her doggy shows up.

mommabritt 07-07-2012 10:27 PM

All my kids have loveys. When my ds2 was 19 months were spent the day at a county fair. on our way out he was crying but I assumed he was just tired of being in the stroller (it was very crowded walking out and too hot for him in a carrier that day). We got to the car and it was nowhere. I literally retraced our steps for and hour and nothing. I sobbed the whole way back to the car. Thankfully it was a little version of the full size my mom had made him but honestly it wasn't the same. My DS still loves he big version and doesn't remember the little one but I would have loved to keep it.

I hope it shows up. :(

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