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lilbitcrunchy 07-21-2012 06:44 AM

March '13 Babies To Do List
So gals I've got nothing but time to think about all the things I want to get done and purchase for this wee one. We did this in my last DDC and it helped a lot so I could space things out over the months. It can be anything, even non baby related, just what you want to have done before baby arrives!

Here's my work in progress...


-First ultrasound Aug 3!
-Consignment sale- Tag things week of July 30 for drop off Aug 5. My mom and I will shop then too and hopefully get all the bitty clothes we'll need.
- Order big sister to be shirts/iron ons for family reveal
-Start school!
-Tell DH's family August 25th weekend when we visit & take pics for FB


-Start renovations- Paint living room
-Officially move DD2 into sister's room- order matching bedding
-Plan weekend getaway for DH's birthday/6th anniversary!


-DD1's 5th birthday party
-Refinish flooring


-Anatomy Scan
-Order Tinkle Traps

Pick up baby stuff from my cousin!

Baby Stuff

Hoping to get back- woohoo she's got it
-Baby Tub

Hoping To Borrow
-Mini pack and play - our huge one is just too..huge!..and will be sold
Have to buy
6 Colorways- 3 each girly and boyish, one g/n in neutral cream/brown hues (cashmere perhaps?!) -1 colorway each from MM coop coming soon
Thirsties Covers (3)
Nursing Bras
Maternity as needed-perhaps have my aunt convert some jeans

yellowdog 07-21-2012 08:13 AM

Re: March '13 Babies To Do List
~ Go through old stuff in basement and donate, throw away, and organize
~ Get basement play area and spare bedroom useable

~ Start working on cleaning out spare room so we can decorate
~ First OB appointment 8/15

~ Work on shed repairs and other outside projects
~ Decorate new play room
~ Dogsitting Zeke (parents' dog) for a week

~ Have play room finished by end of the month
~ 10th anniversary trip up north

~ Figure out if DS is ready for "big boy bed" ??

momto2princesses 07-21-2012 08:18 AM

Re: March '13 Babies To Do List
I'm glad you posted this....I need a new infant carseat and I completely forgot about the BRUs trade-in week.

I need to come back when I have time and make a full list. Great idea. We are moving in late September, so I probably won't do much before then.

TS8213 07-21-2012 08:21 AM

Saving my spot! I'll come back and edit with my list once I'm not on my phone.

My list, in no particular order:

* refinish armoire
* refinish changing table
* finish building nb/sm stash
* announce to family and friends (late Sept/early Oct)
* finish sorting for garage sale (july)
* hold garage sale (late Aug)
* have DH fix van sliding door
* family camping trip (Aug 10-14)

To buy/borrow
* bassinet
* swing/bouncy
* double pump
* Moby
* bottles
* coming home outfit
* nb basics (onesies, etc)
* bath mat
* winter maternity clothes
* nursing tanks/bras

Mama_K 07-21-2012 08:33 AM

Re: March '13 Babies To Do List
I need to work on a list too! I have most of the gear that I'll need which is great but lots to think about and plan for :)

amcess721 07-21-2012 09:57 AM

Re: March '13 Babies To Do List
To Buy/Borrow/Get For Baby:
diaper bag
infant/bucket seat and extra car base
nursing tanks (Just got 2 from target's daily deal for $11.99 each... I wanted 3, but they didn't have a third color in stock that I liked. 2 might be enough if I get a couple bras too.)
nursing bras
medela double pump
breast pads
Tons of milk storage bags
changing table pad
changing pad cover (my sister has it, she just has to find it)
bouncer (borrow!)
recliner for nursery? (We have an uncomfortable glider one that I've used for 2 kids, but I'd LOVE a more comfy one for the last kid!)
"welcome baby" presents from the kids - may be even just a card or a big banner to put up in the house or at the hospital?
life insurance (so i remember to add baby to our policy after birth)
knitted "blankey"
Take home outfit - knitted longies/hat/onsie
A limited wardrobe for baby: onsies, sleepers, sleep sacks, 1-2 "dressy" outfits, socks

To buy, but not priority before baby is here:
high chair
stair baby gait Got ours back from the daycare lady!

To Buy/Get because of baby, but not for baby:
Carson - new dresser
Carson - new big boy (twin) bed, sheets, pillow
presents "from" the baby
Laura - radian for truck (to fit 3 across)
Richie - truck cap (since his tools won't be able to fit on the back seat anymore) We bought a new truck instead!
Lots and lots of paint. (bathroom, master, laura's room) $336 worth... and that was with a 40% off coupon!

To Buy/Get for house:
TV stand Found a long/low dresser for $40! - now to refinish/paint it!
Dining room table that will seat 5!

To Sell: these things have been kicking around for 5 years now and I've had them listed on craigslist, here, and in numerous lawn sales and nobody wants them! Argh!
2 brand new bummis covers (smalls)
1 nb size happy heiny (no insert) blue
1 wickeez fitted (size 1)

Master TO DO list before baby:
clean out van
clean out/set up nursery
choose paint colors
Refinish dresser (tv stand).
continually purge unneeded stuff!
Master bedroom: we need to move out (into Laura's room), buy and install new flooring, paint (ceiling is done), molding/trim
Laura's room: she needs to move out (into master room), repaint

Move Carson out of nursery into master room (He'll share with Laura)

Clean out upright freezer
Get at least 40 meals in the freezer
Decide on a Boy's name

doubleddog 07-21-2012 12:47 PM

Re: March '13 Babies To Do List
I'm not doing it by month, because so much of my/our plans vary depending on whether or not DH gets a job this Fall. I do have a list. I'm a list-maker by nature, so I love this! I always job down lists and leave lists lying out all the time. DH is always like "Do you need this list??" when we're cleaning the house together. hehe. This is in no particular order.

-Help DH search for jobs and prep for interviews *hopefully he will get a job this Fall!!*
-Buy carseat
-New (used) vehicle that will fit 3 kids
-Continue tagging items and do garage sale, mid to late August.
-Pack for our move.
-Get out maternity clothes and weed out any that don't fit or that I don't like for garage sale.
-Go through kids clothes and books and talk DH into weeding through his clothes and random things for garage sale.
-Once we are moved, either in with in-laws or to a new church/job, schedule midwife appointment.
-Come up with tables (or makeshift tables) for garage sale.
-Make for training pants for ODD and YDD.
-Get ODD wearing training pants 100% of the time.
-Buy birth books and begin studying.

hcokasil 07-21-2012 06:37 PM

oh I should join this thread! i'm feeling too overwhelmed to think about it! we are currently remodeling (like COMPLETELY remodeling, down to the studs, and even most of those got moved!) a house twenty minutes away from where currently live, and it is too much work! the plan is to move in September (but I think we'll be lucky if we're in by Christmas!) so I haven't devoted too much time to thinking about baby plans, other than knitting and making some nb fitteds....but I know there is a list somewhere in my brain!

sorry, i'm really bad at autocorrect and I don't like proof reading!

eco-mum 07-21-2012 07:39 PM

Saving my spot as well. I think we should come back after finishing things and put them in red or put a line through them :goodvibes:

Okay so here is my to do list in no particular order:

-Get DD a toddler bed and transition her out of our bed (which will be hard for me, I love co-sleeping!)

-Build my NB and size small stash up

-Get new carseat for the new little one

-Trade in my older SUV for a newer/safer one

-Get some GN outfits since we plan on being team green

-Pay off debts as much as possible

-Make a visit to see family before I get too big to fly

joeslittlewoman 07-21-2012 11:30 PM


-enjoy a weekend away with hubby. Once baby #3 gets here they may be hard to come by. CANCELED to work on the house.
-Finish painting and as many home repairs as we can. IN PROCESS
-Meet with realtors to assess our home's value and go over any repairs or improvements that need to be made MET WITH ONE.
-first nurse's appointment/labs DONE

-List our house (hoping) DONE!
-first doc appt and ultrasound DONE,
-might have ods' speech tested to make sure he will be ready for K4 the following fall.

-hopefully selling the house...or just maintaining it in "show" condition. MAINTAINING :(
-probably announce pregnancy toward the end of the month, but hoping to wait until we know the sex DONE AT END OF AUGUST, lol.
-buy some clearanced summer mat clothes for vacation in march DIDN'T FIND MUCH I LIKED :(

-hopefully find out the sex before the end of the month FOUND OUT SEPT 27th BOY!!!
-hopefully moving...or continuing to show the house. GOT A CONTRACT ON OUR HOUSE LATE OCT!! GOTTA START PACKING!
-Decide if we want to build or buy existing home PUT A CONTRACT ON A NEW, BUT FINISHED HOME! CLOSE SOMETIME IN NOV.
-start PT DS2? he is showing some interest now, so I'm hopeful :-) STILL CASUALLY WORKING AT IT IN DEC. GETTING BETTER!

-U/S Nov 2nd DONE
-find a Christmas dress that makes me not feel giant NOT POSSIBLE! But found a dress for $18 at Ross--yay! Babysitting issues called me back home before the party though :(

-celebrate the holidays in our new home. DONE!
-start making any extra diaper covers and diapers needed. THIS WILL BE PUSHED TO JAN

-start buying gear and furniture STILL NEED TO PICK OUT A CARSEAT. Everything else is optional

-vacation if I get the green light to fly--woot! DECIDED NOT TO GO :(

-hopefully have me a baby... unless I go late
-if RCS, baby will be here Mar 27th (40w5d)

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