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justjess 07-23-2012 10:53 PM

TTC while breastfeeding July23-31
please check your name on the list and be sure its in the proper place. If you notice another mamas name who has left the group please let me know! lets get this updated. there seem to be quite a few names that havent shown up around these here parts for quite some time!

In red, tell me:
Your handle (and your name if you'd like)
Where you are in your cycle or if you're waiting for AF to return
Whether you are actively TTC or waiting right now.

Waiting to O
Beckstar (Becky)
ElsieCayare (Lindsey)
Heabear (Heather)
Eileen (Eileen)
anabellee (Anne)
Armywife70 (Becky)
carlaross (Carla)
Qberry (Quinn)
Jacquelinemarie82 (Jacqueline)
Girlichick (Lynn)
THBVsmama (Brandi)
SaraElise (Sara)

2W Waiters
JLea (Jana)
brownie'smum (Jen)
pharmgirl13 (Kristin)
MommyManda (Amanda)
Mackenziemom6 (Mackenzie)
Elizabeth.scalf (Elizabeth)
Littlest_one (Heidi)
Sydjackmom (Laura)
MomToMyMonkeys (Amy)
3littlebums (Sarah)

Time to test

Waiting for AF to Return
Fishingfor5 (Tori)
Squeaky McMurdo
NappyChappy (Laura)
Katiegud (Kate)
Eli'smommy (Sarah)
Doula Amanda (Amanda)
Newmommy6111 (Billie)
Kbjohnsonfam (Katie)

Waiting with special circumstances
Fleece Be With You (Jessica)

NTNP while breastfeeding
anabellee (Anne)
amberpayne27 (Amber)
MommyManda (Amanda)
Fishingfor5 (Tori)
Sydjackmom (Laura)
Kbjohnsonfam (Katie)

Waiting to TTC
lilbitcrunchy (Heather)

Taking a Break
4dramamama (Beth)
Zookeeper (Rachel)
pnutandmunchkin (Angie)
Sageac (Sage)

Recent Graduates!! HH9M :
Aumismommy (Natasha)
supergirljennie (Jen)
mommy2be08 (Jocelyne)
HaleysMommy (Stacey)
EmilyA874 (Emily)- Jan 14th
El's Mama
myall4him2 (Heather)-- Dec 11
Beaner's Mom (Beth) -- Dec 7
Wordbox (Shanon) -- Nov 29
Mommato4kids (Michelle) -- Nov 28
Texasfarmom -- Nov 27
Kelpagan (Kelly) -- Nov 23
Melyndie (Melinda)
just1more (Roni) -- Oct 21
Canadianbakers (Elena) -- Sep 27
Casie629 (Casie) -- Sep 26
Annaelise (Anna) -- Sep 26
Lemurkinsmommy (Rosina) -- Sep 23
Mommyria2 (Maria) -- Aug 26
Dsharp (Darby) -- Aug 26
2socksmom (Ann) -- Aug 12
Star_mum_2_3 (Star)--July 11
preemiemama (Stephanie)--July 4
Harmony96 (Andrea)-June 22
foreternity-May 30
nickel+2 (Nicole)-May 24
BldrArch (Sara)-May 21
kismetbaby (Lucinda)-May 10
vinsmommy (Anne)
cheapskateKate (Katie)-April 6
Hilaryisinked (Hilary)-April 4

Common acronyms used in this thread

2WW= two week wait (after ovulation)
O= ovulate
POAS= pee on a stick
OPK= ovulation predictor kit
BD= baby danced (sex)
EWCM= egg white cervical mucus (fertility sign)
AF/ PPAF= aunt flow/postpartum aunt flow (menses)
BFN= big fat negative
BFP= big fat positive
FRER= first response early response
IC's= internet cheapies (pregnancy test strips)
FX= fingers crossed
NTNP= not trying not preventing
CD= cycle day (so first day of AF is CD1)
DPO= days past ovulation
CP= cervical position
CM= cervical mucus/fluid

justjess 07-23-2012 10:59 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding July23-31
alright mamas things should be squared away! aleatha5 I went ahead and put you in the TWW but also left you in the waiting for ppaf so just let me know what you want me to leave it at:)!

welcome to our newest ttc mamas and may you have a short sweet stay here!

afm- i am just totally waiting around for AF! i have NO CLUE if i've ovulated or not and honestly just dont really feel any sort of "maybe" going on with me this cycle so far so i'm just waiting waiting waiting. pretty interested to see how long this cycle is and if it starts a consistent pattern right from the start as usual. hoping to start seeing some more BFPS!!!!!

smblake 07-24-2012 09:46 AM

Becky, saw your reply on the old thread. I get you. When you don't feel complete, you don't feel complete. :hugs: it might be a good thing that you set an end date, but hopefully if it doesn't happen by then you won't always feel incomplete.

Hoping for lots of bfps from the twwers!

Afm, still waiting on ppaf, I can feel myself getting impatient now, mainly because I would really love a no later than june baby in the coming year. But seriously, like I have ever had a say as to when my babies should be conceived or born.

ktmelody 07-24-2012 12:16 PM

Thanks for adding me. AF finally showed last night! Yay! Hope this cycle isnt 50 days too. That isnt much fun. Lol

JLea 07-24-2012 03:20 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding July23-31
6 dpo today. I'm feeling really hopeful. I had some spotting from 3 dpo to 5 dpo and now nothing today. I'm hoping that is a good sign though it did seem early for implantation bleeding.

fishingfor5 07-24-2012 09:17 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding July23-31
Nada here....tested for fun....BFN. Which is what I expected since PPAF hasn't shown....kMFX for all of you!!

Thanks for the new thread Jess!

beckstar 07-25-2012 12:56 AM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding July23-31
thanks meliss,

having a crappy day. our house was burglarized while i was sleeping last night and hubs was working in our garage! they stole some petty stuff, but they did take hubs' really nice dslr and our video camera that had our twins' birth vid on it...hubs hadn't uploaded it due to...i dunno...procrastination i guess.

the worst is that they came in while i was sleeping with our children and it seems like it was someone we know.

on top of that, im about 12dpo...another bfn...feeling weepy and crampy and blah...i guess the good thing is that this is my longest LP since ppaf...ff has me with really high pregnancy maybe cuz ive gone this long since o w/o spotting or whatever, i dunno. ive never gotten a bfp this late with early testing so im totally not hopeful...

maybe just a teeny weeny bit...

Piper4242 07-25-2012 01:33 AM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding July23-31
I am not sure how to get added to this group :-) well, I am on my iPad so that is probably why I am having trouble posting in the above. Piper4242 (Kirsten), waiting for AP, NTNP=going to start charting August

beckstar 07-25-2012 01:45 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding July23-31
totally expected to wake up to af today and still nada...still bfn...:banghead:

JasmineMama 07-25-2012 02:24 PM

Re: TTC while breastfeeding July23-31
Welcome Kirsten! We have little ones that are almost exactly the same age. I, too, haven't gotten my first ppaf. I think it most be getting close, but who knows really?

Sorry, Becky, maybe you just have a late implanter.

I took a test today and it had a get out your imaginascope line. I posted it on a voting site and it is 50/50 -- that is surprising. If I did O (no idea) I'm only like 8dpo.

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