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mabelinoad 07-24-2012 02:31 PM

The -waytoolong- VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
The Successfull VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
Born 7/20 9lbs6oz 21inches

Sorry it's so long :blush:


By 39 weeks pregnant, I was "done" being pregnant with my first. Y'know, everyone says that...especially the young and ill informed. Out of convenience, I asked to be induced(mind you, I was not even dilated or effaced at this point). What a surprise...after a night of cytotec and several hours of pitocin, and an accidental ROM, I ended in an emergency csection. Although my water had been broken a few hours beforehand, a cord prolapse sent my DD's heartrate into the 40's and off to the OR we went.

With my second pregnancy, just 6 months later, I was positive I did not want to labor and end in a cesarean again. It was extremely traumatic for both my DH and myself. Without a hesitation, we opted for a repeat. If only we knew of a VBAC and had the support of a provider. The csection went well, my DS had apgars of 2 and 9...likely because it was at 39wks, he was breech with meconium and likely "not ready".

Adriennes Story:

We knew before our positive pregnancy test that we would be having a VBA2C. We knew it'd be hard work, but it was where God was leading us. Thanks to NFP and charting, we know exactly when I got pregnant. So the long story begins! We were in California at this time and I went to four doctors before I found one that fully supports the ACOG(American College of OBGYN, who supports a trial of labor with VBA2Cs). Before this doctor, I was laughed out of two doctors offices. I was told I would "definitely rupture", that "it was catastrophic for baby and I", and that "noone would ever support my birth". Assuming this ACOG supporter would support our decision of a VBA2C, I met the new doctor. He said, although he agrees a VBA2C is the best for baby and I, he couldn't support me because the hospital refuses...thanks to insurance companies. By this time, I'm 20 weeks pregnant. Devastated was an understatement. I knew a repeat csection was not something I would do.

Around this time, we found out hubbys work was going to be moving us across the country to Virginia when I'm 31 weeks pregnant. I started researching doctors out there and called several. Even other "ACOG Supporters" thought the idea of a VBA2C was absurd. May came, and we're in Virginia. I'm 32wks and waiting for insurance to transfer, completely without OB care and ready to give up. I could easily find a doctor to cut me open, but by this point I had spent days, literally, days on the computer reading and researching. I knew my risks inside and out, I refused to make a fear based decision...I wanted a facts based birth! So I found a local homebirth CPM/doula and scheduled to meet with her. We talked on the phone several times and both felt we were at the point of a homebirth. It wasn't what DH and I really wanted, but we were only 5 minutes from a hospital and knew it was that or a repeat csection. About this time a local mama recommended an OB in the next town over, but I couldn't get through on the phone to I decided to make an app't and just do the same thing I've been doing the last 7 months...Prove why a VBA2C is the best option and be prepared to be laughed out of the room. I went to my app't, now 34wks pregnant. I come in, give my shpeal, and he says "so what do you want to do? A vbac or RCS?" I was shocked. I had to take a deep breath so that I wouldn't just start crying. I said "A vbac IS what I'll be doing" and he said "Great!" And that was that. Each app't after that I waited for the pullback. I waited for the comment that would make me realize he was just shooing me along, later going to force the RCS. But each app't he was even more encouraging and uplifting! I kept in contact with my doula, and finally felt ready to prepare for a baby...more than just prepare for a birth!

My 37wk app't the OB checked me...he said thats the only time he likes checking, and then doesn't again(unless asked) until labor begins. I was 1-2cm and posterior. I thought, "Awesome! All the RRL, EVO and BH are doing something!" My 39wk app't, I had him check again. I was the same. He tried to do a membrane sweep, but he called it a "membrane scratch" because I wasn't dilated enough to do a full sweep. 40wk app't came, and I was ready to meet baby, but my doctor kept reminding me that patience is the most important part of any VBAC. He did another membrane sweep, but I was still 1-2cm/posterior. By this time, I'm getting all the comments. "If you just did a csection, you'd have your baby by now!" "You're still pregnant?" "That baby is going to be huge!" My 41wk app't came and I had an ultrasound check fluid levels...15%, which is great! Baby kept looking healthy, no signs of labor approaching. I then was coming in every other day for an NST, just to watch baby. Kept looking great! But 42wks was my limit. I knew all along my OB only wanted to go until 42wks, but it never concerned me, because I knew for sure my I surely wouldn't go that long!! But the day came. He let me decide how we would procede...but that *something* did need to be done. I had my third membrane sweep on the 17th, this time, he asked if he could be even more agressive. Boy, that hurt! But i wanted that baby out!

That night, I had lots of contractions, started at 15min apart for a few hours, then all of a sudden 5 minutes apart. Then 3 minutes apart from midnight until 9am. We took the kids to family and thought this was it! So I took one tylenol PM and tried to take a nap, I was exhausted! Two hours later, woke contractions. We walked, walked, walked...and nothing. So I talked to my OB and was scheduled for Thursdays induction.


I arrived at the hospital at 7am, got all suited up and relaxing in our room. They started an IV as I was GBS+ and I just waited for my OB to arrive. He came in at 9am and checked me. I was 3-4cm and 50% effaced! Those contractions did something! We discussed our options and decided for him to break my water. It had meconium, which I expected from being so postdate. So he said he'd keep checking in on me to see how labor progressed. By 5pm, he came in and I had only had maybe two contractions an hour. I was starting to feel pretty discouraged. The very last thing I wanted was pitocin. He said he was in no hurry, baby kept showing great signs and we'd wait! About this time was shift change...I went from two totally awesome, natural minded nurses to..."the nurse". She didn't like that I kept getting up and walking the halls, she complained that I wanted to sit on my birthing ball and not the bed, she had attitude with just about everything I did. 9pm comes around and my OB comes back to check on me. We discuss pitocin, and after a heartfelt with DH, we decide a low dose pit drip is better than just walking into the OR. So with our doula and our OBs encouragement, we decided we'd set it at a 2 and see what happens. After my OB leaves, "the nurse" comes in and sits down next to my bed. She begins to tell me how she thinks its a terrible idea and it won't work, how she "just went out and researched" and found it increases my chances for a uterine rupture by 50%, she would never do it if she were me and she can't morally agree to starting my pitocin. I was exhausted, discouraged and dumbfounded...and I just started to cry. She left the room and DH called my doula...who lived 1 1/2 hours away...and said she'd come right then. She threw her fears on me and I really started second guessing all the hours of research I had done. I spent the next hour just crying. I had come so close...and felt as though my options were gone. The anestesiologist came in about this time, 11pm, and said she heard about everything going on. She said they prepared the OR and there was another anestesiologist on call just in case. She said they were completely prepared for any circumstance...but she thought we were making the best decision. Finally some reassurance! She said she thought the low dose was not a big issue and that it's better than a csection. My doula arrived and helped me relax a bit. I talked to DH and we decided...yes, we'll do the pitocin still. My OB comes back, surprised that it wasn't started yet...since it had been 3 hours since we agreed to it. He said it'd be a few minutes since its time for a nurse change, THANKFULLY! My doula headed home for the night, since I didn't have any progression. The new nurse came in and told me she'd start my pitocin, then said "Are you sure this is what you want? Because I really do not want to do this. Just tell me no and I won't. If I do start this, I'm won't be leaving your room. I need to be able to turn it off at the first sign of rupture. You know, I volunteered to be your nurse. Noone else wanted to." I just said "yes, turn it on." By now it's about 1am. DH and I decide to try and get some sleep before the contractions pick up. At 2am I'm woken by several people running into my room, them attaching oxygen to my face and my nurse turning the pit off. My ob runs in, and asks what happened(he looked as if he just woke up!) and the nurse explains she put the pit on at 1am at .5(!!!) and through a contractoin, the babys heart rate had a dip below 100(had been 120-150 all day) and she thought there was something happening. I continued to have several more contractions and baby was just fine. Upset, I asked why she only did .5, and she said she was "afraid" to go any higher. I asked the OB, and he said put it on a 2, and he left...she put it on a 1.5. We tried to go back to sleep, and did for the most part until 7am. Contractions had started picking up at this point. They were about 6min apart. The new nurse came in and my OB came to ask if I wanted to try a higher number. He said, lets try a 4 and see what happens. The new nurse was totally awesome <3 She was night and day from my last two. She was so exited to see a successful VBA2C! Her excitement was my first time I felt at ease for several hours! By this point, its 10AM and contractions are much stronger. We call the doula and just try to make it through each contraction. Long, deep breaths are the only way I was surviving at this point. They were about 3-4 minutes apart. 1PM comes and my OB comes to check me. I was 6-7cm, 70% effaced! I couldn't believe it! My body was actually laboring! He said I was definitely in active labor and we'd be having a baby that day! The next few hours were a blur. The contractions were about 2min apart and I started to let fear in. Not at all about a rupture, but just giving birth! I was able to handle the contractions, and the quick breaks were such a relief. But I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle pushing! By 5pm, I decided I was ready for the epidural. I was a little embarassed, as I knew I could do it...but just chose not to. Now looking back, I thnk the epidural was worse than the contractions. Not the pain, but it was terrifying sitting still, trying to breath through transition contractions while someone was in my back. I just sobbed! Finally it was in and I started to relax. I was having quite a bit of bloody show at this point. The epidural was much better than I anticipated. I was still able to move my lower legs/feet, but I didn't feel the pain of the contractions! I could feel what was like a BH, just a tight upper abdoman, but that was all. It was great! We decided to take a quick snooze. At 7pm, my OB had gone home but the new on call OB was totally on my side. She came in and introduced herself, and was excited for my VBA2c. What a relief! She checked me and we were all shocked...fully dilated and ready to push!!! I started to cry out of shock(yes, I cry a lot :P) She asked if I wanted to wait a few minutes or do it then. I said I needed a minute to process it. All the time, effort, emotions that went into the last 9 1/2 months. I was finally at the place I had been preparing for. It was just overwhelming! About 45 minutes passed, and I told the nurse I was starting to feel lots of pressure in my lower back and abdoman. I asked if I could up the epi at all, she said presure was just normal. I said i was ready to push, but it was another 15 minutes before the doctor came in. By this time, I was back to having to really breath and focus through the pain. I thought it was pressure, but epi was wearing off! I started to push, uncontrollably. The only word I can use to explain pushing is: intense. There is nothing like it. I couldn't believe how I was feeling, that the epi wore off and that I was about to have my baby! There were definitely a few "Get this baby out of me!" "I don't want to do this!" "Is it almost over!!?" I feel like the animal inside of me took over and with lots of grunting and screaming...I had little Adrienne out in under 15minutes. She had a 14inch head and very broad shoulders. The doctor said she was worried she would have issues because of them!

She came out absolutely beautiful. It took her a couple minutes to cry, but she just opened her little eyes and looked at me. It was the most amazing moment in my life. My husband and I just wept. The doctor yelled out "Its a girl!" We had waited months to find out...but in that moment, it really didn't matter. We were so in love. Stitches took a little while, but I was relaxing and nursing her within the hour.

Lots of people say they want their VBAC because they want the experience of a vaginal birth. Not once did I ever think that. I wanted what was best for my baby and my body. I wanted what was natural and normal. But after the birth...despite all the struggles and pain...the experience of having a baby is unlike anything life can provide. I am just so thankful that God answered our prayers and He allowed us to have the VBA2C! It's been 4 days and I still feel like I'm on my birth high.

Romans 5:3-5a
"And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint"

stevensmom 07-24-2012 02:42 PM

Such wonderful news!

Give her extra hugs and kisses from me :wub:

**I do know how to iPod on the other hand does not**

247mom 07-24-2012 02:51 PM

Re: The -waytoolong- VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
I am crying! That is such a beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing!! The Lord is good and merciful and his blessings overflow! Great job mama :thumbsup:

pine_apple_goat 07-24-2012 03:09 PM

Re: The -waytoolong- VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
So beautiful!!!

Piperdanai 07-24-2012 03:27 PM

Re: The -waytoolong- VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
Such an awesome story!! I know you'll inspire so many women!!!!!!

philenabean 07-24-2012 04:24 PM

Re: The -waytoolong- VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
Oh, mama! Beautiful story, beautiful girl! Congratulations :)

edens_mom 07-24-2012 06:43 PM

Re: The -waytoolong- VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
I loooooooove this story. :wub: SO HAPPY for you!!!! You did it!!

boogamama 07-24-2012 06:44 PM

Re: The -waytoolong- VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
She is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your birth story! :)

regenolds 07-24-2012 09:20 PM

Re: The -waytoolong- VBA2C Birth Story of Adrienne Hope
What a beautiful story!

TPLmommy 07-24-2012 11:11 PM

I have chills...that's was such a wonderful birth story! God is so good!

Congratulations mama!!!

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