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Gemmabree 07-25-2012 09:00 PM

Anyone have experience with GMD prefold sizes?
I like using covers like Econobums and a tri folded prefold, so I'm doing a little planning and research for baby #2 coming this December. Most of my old prefolds are shot, mainly bc they were poor quality. Im pretty sure I want to get GMD prefolds but I'm not sure what size will work best for me. I don't want to get multiple sizes since one of the main reasons we cd is to save money. As of now I'm thinking the red ones are my best bet. Any experience or thoughts out there from some CD'ing mamas?

ivymama 07-25-2012 09:08 PM

Re: Anyone have experience with GMD prefold sizes?
I am using reds and yellows in a flip cover, medium rise, on my 22lb 13mo DS. He's stocky build, not too tall, solid but not necessarily chunky. The reds are almost too long, and a touch bulkier than I'd like, and the yellows work well, but might be too short if he was taller/skinnier. The yellows are plenty absorbent tho, and small enough that I can still fit a flip or other stay dry doubler on top of the prefold for naps, and maybe even nighttime. DS2 will be here in a week-ish, so it was a good bet for me to get both sizes. By the time DS2 is ready for yellows, DS1 will move up to the reds. Hope this helps!

snugglesnsunshine 07-25-2012 09:11 PM

I think the econobum prefolds are so soft. I like them.

But you asked about gmds.I have gmd orange and they still work fine trifolded on my 4-1/2 mo. If you want gmd's on a budget thpugh then reds are the way to go.

You can find preemie prefolds cheap. I used those for the first few weeks when they are so tiny.

mamaspice 07-25-2012 09:29 PM

Love mine! We have used orange, yellow, and are on reds and they are great quality.

Are you using them from birth?

I think you could turn the reds and trifold the short way (they would be about the length of a yellow that way), but they would be very bulky on a small baby and would have a lump in the middle from the thick part.

You could get the organic yellows, which are a bit bigger than regular yellows, but I still think you'd want to size up at some point.

I think Flip organics are the best one-size insert but are more expensive. The econobums are a bit longer and skinnier so are short and bulky for little babies.

To really get a good fit at all sizes with one diaper, I'd consider padfolding GMD small flats. You could double as baby gets bigger if needed.

Also consider selling one size to fund the next!

Gemmabree 07-25-2012 10:44 PM

Re: Anyone have experience with GMD prefold sizes?
I totally forgot to mention that I am planning getting the GMD oranges for the first several weeks! I'm just wondering what size would work after baby outgrows those. I bet that makes more sense, haha. I have a couple econobums prefolds and really like those as well. But they seem more expensive? I had gerber prefolds mostly last time, so i guess anything is an upgrade from those.

newmommy13 07-25-2012 10:51 PM

Re: Anyone have experience with GMD prefold sizes?
Are you opposed to flats? They are so cheap its ridiculous, plus with a variety of folds and fasteners you cant get bored and you can always customize to get a perfect fit. Also if you arent wanting to mess with the folding, especially as babies get wiggly, pad folding is very quick and easy.

If you already have your orange edges you could us ethem as doublers later on.

snugglesnsunshine 07-26-2012 10:58 AM

With baby number 5, i used orange and skipped straight to red with no problems. Theres not a ton of difference in the yellow and red imo. Not using pfs much this time. Between dh and mil, tgey seem to think they are hard so Ive tried to make it simpler for them with aios.

I used a snappi though sometimes instead of trifold

nonipie 07-26-2012 11:01 AM

Re: Anyone have experience with GMD prefold sizes?
Oh well if you already have oranges and are only going to trifold I say go for yellows and you should be good. We were able to use the yellows trifolded in a pocket until PLing. I really don't like bulk so I would not personally skip from orange to red. But like a PP said, I would just go for flats and that would solve the whole problem. LOVE my flats padfolded.

shen7 07-26-2012 11:09 AM

Ditto what PPs said. Get some yellows or reds for easy trifolding, but get a dozen flats for when they don't fit right, which you can padfold or get fancy with real folds. If you go with yellows, I'd get large flats, and if you go with reds, I'd get small flats.

Gemmabree 07-26-2012 12:10 PM

Re: Anyone have experience with GMD prefold sizes?
Awesome, thanks for your input!

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