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Gardyloo 07-29-2012 03:41 PM

October Mamas' To-do Lists
Okay Ladies, we are all into our third trimester now, and it's time to get our butts in gear for these babies! Make a post with your list, then come back and edit your original post to add things or cross things off. We all know how good it feels to cross things off! Come on, we can tackle those lists together! :grphug:

Gardyloo 07-29-2012 03:52 PM

Here's mine, in no particular order:

*Repair crib (bought a part I needed, now just to reassemble it)
*Arrange furniture (dh will have to do this)
*Figure out car seats for 3 across
*Install car seats
*Get older kids moved into new room
*Pack L&D bag (lip balm, hair ties, hard candies/mints, sleep nursing bras, tennis ball, snacks for dh, camera, phones, chargers, lap top, pocket doula handbook)
*Prepare emergency home/car birth kit (towels, blankets, bulb syringe)
*Pack hospital/going home bag (tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, deodorant, jammies, slippers, coming home clothes for me, dh, and baby, swaddle blankets, nursing pads, boppy)
*Make notes for MIL (caring for our older two while we are at the hospital)
*Clean out upstairs closets/dressers to make room for baby stuff
*Paint closet and add shelves
*organize/put away everything in closet.
*Wash and put away baby blankets, bedding, diapers and clothing
*Get newborn diaper stash back from friends (still waiting on a few items)
*Wash infant car seat/cover
*Wash old car seats and install in MIL's car
*Sell old stroller on Craigslist
*Make dentist appt
*Name the baby!
*Organize/clean the basement

To buy:
*Gel pads, lanolin, nipple butter
*Calendula cream, baby soap/shampoo
*At September consignment sale: extra boppy/cover, more pack n play sheets, 6-12 mon clothes, newborn diaper covers

aprilkek 07-29-2012 09:48 PM

Re: October Mamas' To-do Lists
I have one major goal:
Buy house- move

I have a hard time even thinking about the little stuff right now in this craziness:
Get Dresser for Baby
Get cradle back from my parents
Sort through baby clothes
wash baby clothes
get diapers ready

NurseJessie 07-29-2012 11:53 PM

I'll have to figure out how to cross things off when I get these done. Let's see...
-move stuff from baby's closet to attic (DH)
-DH needs to sort through junk in baby's room, it's his stuff.
-finish washing and organizing clothes
-install carseat
-buy necessary items after showers
-prep OS diapers and put away
-get postpartum stuff (pads, nipple cream, clothes, etc)
-call pediatrician about making appt once baby arrives
I think that's it. We still need a ton of little things but I haven't had a shower yet, so I'm trying to wait on buying stuff!

MomdeIsla 07-30-2012 02:13 PM

Re: October Mamas' To-do Lists
I've got a lot! plus DS starts K5 in 2 weeks, so we've got a ton of meetings and stuff for that. last week I spent most of my energy working on his school supply list and uniforms.

Build 9 cube organizer for DD room and the baby's would be so nice if DH would do this for me.....hint. hint.
Put away/ wash baby clothes, put up diapers, put out pack n play (have to FIND it first)
wash car seat cover and wipe down the hard part
wash the swing cover and find batteries
assemble the rock n play
lanolize woolies

tag, price, iron, and hang all of the baby boy stuff going in consignment sale in 2 weeks (this will free up the babies closet....YIPPEEEEEE!)

Buy postpartum supplies, bfing supplies, sweater drying rack, a couple of bottles, nursing bras

Send box of boy play clothes to a friend USPS (once again clearing out the baby's closet)

Sewing- Finish 2 lap t's and 1 0-3 dress I have cut out, knit a sweater (woolies are done)....then need to do fall costumes for DS & DD. If I have time make some small fitteds & knit DD3 a winter hat, to match her coat which I havn't bought yet.

boekesec 07-30-2012 05:15 PM

Re: October Mamas' To-do Lists
Okay let's see...

-Sew crib skirt (and get DD moved OUT of the crib so that I can put it back into the nursery and adjust it for newbie height) - this went SO well!
-Prep newborn diapers
-Get postpartum stuff (pads, new nursing pads, etc.)
-Buy some cute/comfy clothes for the hospital!! I felt so gross the whole time I was in last time...this time I am going to get a couple sweatsuit type outfits that are NEW and CUTE, especially since now we live very near family and will probably have lots of visitors
-Wash covers to infant carseat, swing, bouncy seat, etc
-Get bassinet I am borrowing from SIL and set it up

-Figure out a plan for who is watching DD during labor/hospital stay!
-Call hospital to arrange tour of L&D
-Um...try not to buy any more baby stuff that I don't need, especially not clothes because I have way too many...yeah, right!!!! :mrgreen:
-Figure out a NAME for this little girl!!!! (Mae Jacqueline!)

I'm sure there's more to do, but I had some major nesting syndrome recently and got a ton of stuff done in both DD's new "big girl room" and the nursery so I'm having a hard time thinking of too much right now :)

Sweetbabybows 07-30-2012 10:38 PM

Re: October Mamas' To-do Lists
I have an insane list but alot of it isn't directly realted to the baby, just what I need/want to get done before she arrives.

- Get and install new carseat
- Make PP mama cloth
- Get my nb diapers back that I loaned out
- make about 20 nb covers
- Make a big wet bag to take to the hospital for diapers
- Make going home outfit and matching outfits for Karmen and Adrianna
- Make car seat blanket
- Get things together/made for newborn pictures

Get DD2/baby's room finished
- Sand/re-stain toddler bed and get another mattress
- Sand/re-stain dresser
- Either sand/re-stain the crib or make a cover for the top of the rails where dd1/dd2 have chewed on it.
- Make skirt for the crib
- Make skirt for the toddler bed
- Make matching Ragg quilt and puff quilt one for each bed
- Make curtains for both windows
- Make changing pad cover
- Recover rocking chair
- Names for the walls

- Get DD1's room finished
- Bed skirt made
- Pillows for daybed
- Paint and decoupage her dresser
- Fix broken drawers on dresser
- Make Curtain (only one window)
- Name for wall

- Get Sandbox repainted and pretty new cover made
- Make a new cover for the bouncer that was given to us
- Get all three girls clothes organized and hung up
This includes all the bows and shoes and other random accessories Almost done
- Chalkboard paint the freezer in the kitchen!! I'm very excited about this :)
- Get enough items made to keep my booth at the craft mall full for a couple months after having baby.

Ugh.....It makes me tired just thinking about all that. DH is on vacation for a week starting Aug 18th so hopefully I'll be able to get him to do all the things that need to be sanded and painted. I really shouldn't be doing that stuff anyway. Most of the other stuff so far is mostly sewing so I'm on my own with getting it done!!

Aug 26 - Today is DH's last day of vacation and all he did off my list was paint the sandbox and started sanding the freezer :banghead:

I did get the carseat installed in my car a few days ago. It took me all day long rearranging to get all three installed tight enough in the car but thank goodness it's done now and I hopefully won't have to worry about changing it for another 3 years :)

photocowgirl 07-31-2012 04:56 PM

Re: October Mamas' To-do Lists
Clear out nursery
+top shelf of nursery closet
Finish edge of booties
Finish UFO - 2 pairs longies and sleeper
2 6-12mo hats
Haiku Overalls
Big sister bows
pack some stuff for hospital

Organize toy shelves
Sew 2 more flannel crib sheets
Finish nb peasant top
doll diapers, barbie outfit
some headbands
Move changer/pail into nursery
Organize changer and dresser
Finish girls bday presents - paprika and lavanda
Pink Louvre Aloha Skirty - find shirt to match

Caroline11009 08-07-2012 04:03 PM

Just looking at everyone's list and thinking about mine is overwhelming! Ugh.

Figure out pack and play or crib in our room.
Sort and organize baby clothes.
Prep & wash diapers
Buy postpartum supplies & clothes
Pack bags
Buy all the rest of stuff for Charley
Do my craft projects (letters, headband & bow holder & closet separators.)
Set up swing & bouncer
Rearrange living room to fit everything
Meal plan & shop

boekesec 08-10-2012 12:13 PM

Re: October Mamas' To-do Lists
Ooooh, meal planning - **GROAN** - I am definitely meaning to do freezer meals, but am also dreading the thought of how much work it seems like right now. Need to get on that...

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