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erlyjo 07-31-2012 12:44 PM

Ok, this is bad...
I desperately need to trim my toenails, but I can't reach them! :giggle2: A good excuse for a pedicure I guess!

KLeeCW 07-31-2012 04:18 PM

Re: Ok, this is bad...
hehehe, know exactly what you mean mama! Bending over to shave my legs puts too much pressure on my belly so I've been subtly hinting at DH that he should either gift me a spa visit or shave them for me. :giggle:

champatlife 08-01-2012 09:11 AM

Re: Ok, this is bad...
For cutting my toe nails I swing my leg slightly to the side of my belly and prop it on the bathroom counter, and work quickly otherwise I started getting hot and nauseated.

Shaving my legs I sit sideways in our bathtub and squish myself basically in a wide squat. (then I get "stuck" haha thank god, no ones watching)

CurlyGirl 08-22-2012 07:57 PM

Re: Ok, this is bad...
Somehow I am still managing to shave my legs (though I'm sure LO feels pretty squished when I do!).. Toes are another story. I have a girl's day planned with my sis and older DD on 9/1.. Hoping the babe doesn't decide to come before then as we are having pedis! Haha!

austinandashlynsmommy 08-23-2012 05:45 AM

Re: Ok, this is bad...
My feet look terrible and the bottoms are so dry. I was just thinking yesterday that I should see about getting in for a pedicure. I'm really running out of time though. My C-section is in 6 days!

Believer318 08-24-2012 08:46 AM

it won't help the painting and trimming, but coconut oil makes ur feet super soft!

erlyjo 08-24-2012 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by Believer318
it won't help the painting and trimming, but coconut oil makes ur feet super soft!

How funny you should mention this! My DH rubs coconut oil on my belly and feet almost every night. It's miraculous stuff!

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