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3 ladybugs 08-02-2012 04:24 AM

c-section birth plan?
Does anyone have one that they would like to share? I can't labor as I have had 2 classical c-sections, so this baby will be coming out a different way then they went in (actually told that to my son when he was being put in :giggle: ).

I never had a birth plan before but I would like one now. I notice that this doesn't come up that often either. I guess because people like me that can't VBAC are rare??

Anyway, I am looking for ideas of what should be on it and all that. I know this is all assuming I get to term but honestly, who plans for a micro-preemie? I know I didn't!!

Thank you for your help!

Hungry Caterpillar 08-02-2012 03:59 PM

Re: c-section birth plan?
I can't VBAC either. I had a C/S with my first and they confirmed that the reason he never dropped is because my pelvic arch is really, really narrow.

Anyways, my birth plan wasn't completely explicit but there were some things I touched on --

I wanted my husband to cut the cord after the cut it sterile.

I wanted to have the baby brought to me in Recovery after the nursery. This did not end up happening because his body temp dropped and he needed to be under the warmer longer than I was in Recovery, but it was on the plan.

I wanted the baby to be washed with the baby wash I provided, along with the diapers, CJ's, etc I had. They were in a little carry bag that my mom handed to my DH when he accompanied baby to nursery.

I did not want Benadryl to be shot into the IV after all the painkillers as I personally am very, very sensitive to Benadryl when not in pill form.

I wanted to nurse as soon as I could, and asked for the lactation nurse to come see me in my room when I was settled - first appt I can get.

We are a vaccinating family and I wanted the Vit K so that was in there.

I went over it with my OB, my nurses in the OR, and my nurses for aftercare while I was hooked up to the IV getting the antibiotics the hour before I went in. Everything was respected but I wasn't asking anything weird or really even out of the ordinary, plus it's a teeny hospital - only three babies on average born there a day, generally not more than one C/S per day.

JHanes 08-15-2012 06:15 AM

Re: c-section birth plan?
Hungry Caterpillar has good ones to have on there! It is pretty much a list of eveything you want other than what you would want regarding a vaginal birth! Easy peasy!

3 ladybugs 08-15-2012 07:28 AM

Re: c-section birth plan?
I didn't know they gave out benadryl like that! I HATE benadryl. When I was pregnant with the triplets I took ONE dose of it and slept for 3 days! DH was about to take me to the hospital because it was all he could do to wake me for eating! I stopped benadryl after that and I now take Clariton if they want me to have something like that.

I am hoping for things like delayed cord clamping and such. Don't know how that works with a C-section but I can't donate my cord blood so figure the kid could use it.

The hospital I deliver in is like an assembly line. There are about 25+ births a day there I would guess. The NICU is 50 bed. However I know all the old timers there as I have delivered there twice and have been there for several months the first time.

Thanks for the help! I am not pregnant right now (miscarried shortly after I started this thread) but hope to be again soon!

FrozenBooty 08-19-2012 03:39 AM

Re: c-section birth plan?
I have had 2 c-sections and will be having a thrid planned one witht his baby.

I have a specific plan in the sense that I want no drugs administered to relax me or that may make me less aware. I did this with my last and it worked well. My first they drugged me up till I was virtually unconcious for 4-6 hours and everyone had held my baby before I got to. Dad is to accompany baby to nursery and baby is to be brought directly to me after that in recovery. Noone is to hold baby besides dad and doctor until I get to hold the baby.

I want to nurse immediatly as soon as baby is in the room and want to meet with a lactation consultant immediatly to start scheduling a pump to be brought to my room to use when baby is not activly nursing. Milk comes in later/slower with C-sections and I want my child not to require supplementation to leave the hospital.

Barring there is no health issues this is my plan so far.

Yellow Jewel 08-27-2012 12:47 PM

Re: c-section birth plan?
I too have learned. What is the benadryl for? This is given prior to the c/s? How do I know if I've been given it?

In all of our births, DH has never been able to cut the cord. I honestly thought it was because I was having a c/s and that they babies (the 1st 2 anyway) had health issues...not even the same hospital.

I've had to be on magnesium and that stuff made me delirious and sleepy.

Hungry Caterpillar 08-27-2012 04:31 PM

Re: c-section birth plan?
The benadryl is to combat the crazy itchiness that comes with the amount of painkillers given during surgery. Ask before if its standard. Its usually given right after staples or stitches right before leaving OR. Not everyone does it so you just need to ask. I do bc I am super sensitive to it.

clothdiapercrunchy 08-27-2012 10:24 PM

Re: c-section birth plan?
I plan on asking for a natural c section. Immediate skin to skin, lowering the drape, slowing down the actual birth so the baby can have a minute or two to have the fluid pushed from his/her lungs. I have a doula, I will be asking for the most low key medications to make it possible to be as alert as I can be. I want to nurse right away and stay with my baby. Shawn is to be with the baby if I am not. We are a no circ family so that will be on the plan and there will be signs to put on his bassinett and a wrist band for him (should this be a boy).

JnS Mama 08-31-2012 01:57 AM

Re: c-section birth plan?
I was planning on a VBAC with my second, but I put in a c/s part just in case. Which was good, because I had to have a c/s.

On there I put stuff that I wanted that I did not get the first time around. For example, I HATE being tied down. It makes me super anxious/freak out. I asked for my arms to be free, and I got that (yay!)

I asked for a certain stitch for my uterus (the super strong one?) and for actual stitches rather than staples for the others. Sooooo much better! I hated the staples.

Outside of that, not much else was different. Baby with dad/me the whole time, no circ, breastfeeding, yada yada.

I know some people ask for the drape to be lowered/to see the birth, but for me, I am not interested in watching my own surgery. Seeing myself cut open would be too much. As it is, just feeling the pressure and pulling freaks me out.

Sending you lots of good sticky baby vibes! :goodvibes:

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