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CM6755 08-02-2012 11:13 AM

Pregnancy Tea questions
I purchased loose tea leaves from and I would like to ask you veterans a few questions. Here is what I have: 2lbs of RRL, 2lbs of Nettle, 1lb of Oatstraw, 1lb of Alfalfa, 1lb of Mint, 1lb of Hibiscus flower. The recipe to premix all ingredients I used was: 2 handfuls each of RRL & Nettle and 1 handful each of Oatstraw & Alfalfa. I left out the Mint and Hibiscus and just added them to the mix before brewing. I BREWED the following recipe this am: 12 TBSP of mixture (see above) then I added 2 TBSP each, of Mint & Hibiscus. I also added 1/4 c. of local honey after brewing (it was slightly too tart for my taste, but I could have drank it w/o the honey too). My method of brewing it was: I used an old Hamilton Beach Brew Station with the carafe that you can dispense from (I do not use this for tea). I added the water (12 cups) to the reservoir, scooped the loose leaves directly into the carafe (did not add the strainer that holds the filter) and brewed. I then used two strainers (one with a clean dishcloth on the bottom and one on the top to catch the big stuff) to strain it into a large saucepan so I can transfer it into a pitcher (pitcher's opening was too small to fit strainer). I don't mind doing this ONCE a day, but there has got to be an easier way. I don't need fancy/pretty/sophisticated...just functional and cheaper.
Also, I added the Alfalfa and Oatstraw b/c I have very bad RLS at times and was told that the nutrients (magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium) in those particular herbs would help aid relief with RLS.

What recipe or ratio do you use?

What supplies/instruments do you use?

Are there any helpful hints you would like to share that you have learned?

Do you have a company you purchase from that you like better from mountain rose herbs? If so, will you please share the name?

Thank you so very much for contributing!

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