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Leanbh 08-02-2012 06:06 PM

How low of a weight would affect my BM?
I've just been losing a lot of weight lately - simply because I'm super super busy, 4 boys, summer so on the go trying to keep them busy, house clean and started an ebay business 2 months ago!

I knew I'd been dropping and dropping, but didn't get on the scales until today. I'm at the bmi for borderline normal/underweight. I'm 18.7, 18.5 is underweight.

Should I be concerned about the BM quality. LO is 8 almost 9 months, still BF a lot, probably 5/6 times a day, wakes up most nights to feed at least once, maybe twice. Is eating finger food and some "babyfood" purees.

Oh and also eating lots more fruit and veg then normal as it's summer and I tend to eat a lot then. Not dieting.....FYI, would never even think of it when BF.

tibeca 08-02-2012 06:40 PM

Re: How low of a weight would affect my BM?
Follow your body. There is no set number that applies to everyone. Some women have problems if they aren't carrying at least 10 extra pounds. Others lose a ridiculous amount of weight breastfeeding and are WAY underweight but manage just fine.

Watch your baby's weight gain, wet/poopy diapers and satisfaction. Unless you notice a change, then just be happy that you got there without having to diet!

Greenbabybottoms 08-02-2012 06:45 PM

Re: How low of a weight would affect my BM?
I lost a ton of weight with my 2nd. I was down to 100 lbs (i'm 5'4") with no supply issues. I ate a lot but I was just so busy and and active I just couldn't hold weight on. I did start to do some avocado smoothies to try to up my calories.

Leanbh 08-02-2012 07:13 PM

Re: How low of a weight would affect my BM?
Yes, with #1 and #2 I ALWAYS had an extra 5lb and just thought it was the extra reserve etc for BF. As soon as I stopped it dropped a few months later.

#3 I was pretty busy(summer baby) and went down lowish too more of a regualar non pg weight. But now with #4 I'm about 5lbs LOWER than my non pregnant weight.

I do think he is growing fine and was just thinking today how much heavier he seems. Will have check up in about 2/3 weeks although he's always been on the petite side, so as long as he's following his curve.

I will def remember to have some avocado's. I do pick them up for LO and myself when I remember, I just eat them as is our salad/taco's/guac.

I might start taking some floradix again though just to bump up the iron reserves as that's what gets me in the winters.

sunshine_mama 08-02-2012 08:13 PM

I lost 80 pounds after my first and 60 after my 3rd. EBF for 6 months and continued to bf for a year after starting solids. No issues with my supply or their weight gain.

Leanbh 08-02-2012 08:56 PM

Re: How low of a weight would affect my BM?
Thanks guys, make me feel better with your replys. It's hard as I don't take care of myself as much as the kids, but when you are BF you really do need to eat well etc. Sounds like it should be fine. Winter I tend to put a few lb's on anyway and get into a baking/cooking kick when it's cold out :)

100lbs is teeny tiny btw!

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