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kelllilee 08-03-2012 09:27 AM

Ready-made cloth diaper business for sale
I am heading back to school and don't have time to keep going with my diapers. However, I feel I owe it to my customers to find someone who can keep up with my customer service reputation and diaper quality.

Unfortunately, my website is down right now, so there isn't much information online about the diapers themselves. You can see them on my facebook page though

I am looking for someone who is an experienced with sewing (preferably sewing diapers) who is looking to start a diaper business. I need someone with a commitment to the customers. The majority of my work has been customs, with occasional stockings. You don't have to keep the structure the same, as long as you are still willing to meet the customer's needs.

When I was doing good with marketing (never did put up ads, just posting here with my biz siggy, and other forums) I was keeping VERY busy, often with hyenacart stockings selling out in minutes. There's a whole new "generation" of moms here who have never even heard of my diapers, so there is great potential for new customers.

Included in the price:
*all fabrics (PUL, prints, suedecloth, etc..) that I currently have in-stock, including a LOT of pre-cut diapers. I do not currently have any soaker material though, so please note that will not be included. There are hundreds of prints, lots of PUL (print and solid), suedecloth and microfleece yardage, etc...
*original patterns and the rights to use them
*elastic and other notions needed for making the diapers (thread, hooks, hook & loop tape, etc...)
*video instructions and help getting everything started back up
*I will turn over access to my hyenacart to you
*source information for suppliers
*Help getting a website up and running (access to images and possibly the HTML for the site I have now)

Price for everything above: $800700

optionally (at additional cost):
snap press and snaps (add $10075)
sewing/embroidery machine (add $500)

Another option is to pay a reduced upfront cost and then keep me on as a "consultant" for one year to help get things going and pay me a small percentage of the profits during that year.

One note - I have been sharing the business name with my mom (who does boutique children's clothing) and she would like to keep the name. So the diapers will need to be re-branded. I'm hoping something fairly similar to the current name. I will post an announcement on my website and facebook about the name change and you can put "formerly TKCuddlers" if you would like.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something so feel free to ask questions!

lorilou 08-06-2012 09:06 PM

Re: Ready-made cloth diaper business for sale
Hi Kelli!

I am just learning to sew so this is not for me. I wish you luck though. I just bought some of your diapers used from here and I LOVE them! I wish I could make diapers like that! :)

newmommy13 08-06-2012 10:03 PM

I hope you can find someone to keep up your shop!!! I loved your diapers and they were VERY popular on other sites when my dd was a baby. I actually just looked up your site recently because i was so surprised that i never see them on here! If the word gets out about your s hooks they will explode on ds!

Knayknow 03-24-2016 08:16 AM

Re: Ready-made cloth diaper business for sale
Did you ever find someone to take over your business? My husband and I are interested in starting a diaper service in my area and also want to have an online presence. Would you be able to assist us in any way on getting information on suppliers or ideas on how to procede?

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