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firefighterwife 08-04-2012 03:21 PM

Potty Learning DESTASH - M-XL, some S - interlock and knitted
Any pilling, felting, staining or other flaws that I can see are noted in the individual listings. I am happy to give discounts for multiple items purchased. Please PM me with interest or offers.

Everything has been freshly washed in Eucalan Eucalyptus scent and laid flat to dry. (I do not have a shaver)

NEW, UNUSED llama jama pink merino longies 2/3T -see picture in sold (below - 24 month size) for how they look out of package.
R-22, I-13 cuffable

A Time to Dye's Boaz colorway on Cestari - wide leg longies
EUC - W-20; H-23; R-19; I-10-11

Stitches under the Sun; Cowgirl Colorway on Cestari Superfine - EUC
W=18; H=20; R=19; I=4 (no gusset WITH ruffle)

Purewool, custom colorway - EUC
W=16; H=20; R-19; I=5 (no gusset WITH ruffle)

Little Peanut Nursery 2T vintage cars shirt; custom colorway shorties (unknown base) - VGUC
normal wash wear on shirt
W-20; H-21; R=18' I=4 no gusset

Peace Fleece board shorts/capris/longies - EUC
W-18; H-19; R-20; I=7.5

thick, soft crochet soaker - VGUC
pilly, no felting
w=16/17; R=18.5; H=19; L=11

Little Peanut Nursery 2T shirt and crochet ruffle shorties - VGUC
some pilling on shorts, normal wash wear on shirt
shirt = wash wear; no stains; w=18; R=19; H=20; I=3; paton's rosewood colorway

Ruffle capris/shorties (unknown colorway and base, very soft, doesn't pill easily) - EUC
W=17; H=20; R-18; I=3.5-4 (no gusset or ruffle)

interlock (made for me by Tanduh of Oh Whoa When) board shorts/capris - EUC
W=17; R=18.5; H=19; I=3.5-4

30 ppd
Purewool skirty with soaker (custom colorway) - VGUC/EUC
Some felting on soaker, some pilling
waist to hem of skirt=7.5; W-18; H=20; R(soaker)=17; L=9.5

Mosaic Moon Seaglass colorway on Cestari - LN/EUC
W-17; H=19; R=17; I=2.5 with ruffle

NEW (washed, tried on, not worn) WSK on cestari (peace baby or iced giraffes colorway, can't remember) - NEW
W=19; H=21; R=18 (soaker); L=10; Waist to skirt hem=6.5

Peace Fleece Lavender Shorties - EUC
W-18, H-20, R-17.5; I-2 no gusset

Budgie Bloomers
GORGEOUS soft Italian extrafine merino - Karabella aurora 8 yarn, colors 18 and 1350 (cream and a dark brown with a very, very slight plum hue - less plummy - and quite a bit darker brown - than it looks in these pictures).
W = 16"
R = 16"
I =9" not including gusset

------------------- SOLD below this line -----------------------------
Luxe Baby overdyed with professional dyes in dark, dark brown
We used these as longies, and then as bloomer/capris
slightly uneven dye on back near top - see 1st picture
W=14; H=20; R=17; I=10 (legs are even, it is just the way I laid them down)

40 ppdAhmay Designs - Clothesline - 2T shirt and 32/68 longies with internal soaker
W=16.5; H-20; R-17.5/18; I-9.5

large little comet tails interlock longies - EUC
w=16; R(front)=9, R(back)=11; I=10

NEW, NEVER USED Double ruffle capris. Eden Colorway on Licorice Twist
W- 18; R-19; H-20; I-4 no gusset WITH ruffle

Kozy Butterfly Shorties - EUC
w-17, H-20; I-2.5; R-18.5/19

EUC Kozy purple dragonfly longies
W-18; H-21; R-18, I-10.5 (cuffable)

SMALL Dunk n Fluff overdyed with Berry Blue Koolaid - GUC
W=15; H=18; R-16; I=8

Custom Colorway, Cestari - NEW/LN (I am the 2nd owner; previous owner says they were not worn; we washed but did not wear them)
W-17; H=21; R=19; I=7 (no gusset WITH ruffle)

VGUC/EUC Blue interlock longies (95/5) - WAHM
slight dirt/dinge on one knee I=10.5; R=18.5; W=18; H-22

NEW, UNUSED llama jama pink merino longies 24 month
w-20; H-21; R-19; I-10 not including gusset

BFL board shorts/capris/longies (custom colorway) - BFL
W-18; H-21; R-19.5; I=6

LN/EUC purple, blue, brown (textured brown stripes) longies
W-19; H-21; I-11 (cuffable); R-19

Targhee Board Shorts/capris/longies (custom colorway) - EUC
W-18; H-19; R-20; I=7.5

NEW, NEVER USED little buddha baby sushi interlock set M/L (RIGHT in pic)
95/5 interlock
W-17; H-1; R-20; I-10 American Apparel l/s tee 12-18m
slight uneven dye on cuff near embroidery/applique

NEW, UNUSED llama jama orange/pink longies merino 24 month
w-20; H-21; R-19; I-10 not including gusset

Sock Monkey crochet board shorts/capris - VGUC
quite pilly (I don't have a shaver)
w=16; H=19; R=18; I-4.5

VGUC - slightly dingy on knees (haven't tried to get it out)
m/l mile high monkey, sweetie bird boutique orange interlock longies (95/5)
W-17; I-11.5 (cuffable); H-19; R-19

NEW, UNUSED, CUSTOM DYED and MADE interlock shorties - light plum
ADG modified pattern 95/5 interlock
W-18; H-22; R-19; I-3.5

Mosaic Moon Chocolate Chai colorway - VGUC
Thick, soft crochet shorties
pilly, no felting
w=16", R=18; I=5; H=20-21

firemommaof1 08-04-2012 03:36 PM

Re: Beautiful Fall Budgie Bloomers
Wow great deal on these!

firefighterwife 08-04-2012 04:01 PM

Re: Beautiful Fall Budgie Bloomers

Originally Posted by firemommaof1 (Post 15500066)
Wow great deal on these!

:) I just want them to find a home where they will be used. They are SO soft and SO beautiful.

firefighterwife 08-05-2012 06:46 AM

Re: Beautiful Fall Budgie Bloomers
morning bump.

firefighterwife 08-05-2012 01:47 PM

Re: Beautiful Fall Budgie Bloomers
afternoon bump

firefighterwife 08-06-2012 05:13 PM

Re: Beautiful Fall Budgie Bloomers

xraymom23 08-06-2012 05:36 PM

Wish I had pp! Sadly I don't get paid till next week though!

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firefighterwife 08-08-2012 08:09 AM

Re: Beautiful Fall Budgie Bloomers

firefighterwife 08-09-2012 07:54 AM

Re: Beautiful Fall Budgie Bloomers - MMARO

firefighterwife 08-09-2012 05:32 PM

Re: Beautiful Fall Budgie Bloomers - MMARO

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