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cobbermama 08-04-2012 07:36 PM

My MIL Just Tried... give my 10-month-old Mountain Dew! And, was shocked and offended when DH and I told her NO way!


(Disclaimer: I really do like my MIL, but sometimes the stuff she does makes me :headscratch: )

So now I must know...what ridiculous things have your family members tried to give to/do with your kids?

kannondicarpo 08-04-2012 07:40 PM

Re: My MIL Just Tried...

My Dad, bless his heart, gave my niece pork chops when she was about 4-5 months old because she was teething and he thought chewing on it would ake her feel better. Perhaps they did but my sister almost DIED when she walked back into the room.

FTR: My Dad is more than a decade older than my Mom and his generation just did things differently. He has a good heart but some of the stuff he suggests makes me wonder how in the world he raised 7 children into adulthood!

drunkenmonkeysmommy1 08-04-2012 07:46 PM

My grandmother was offended when I would give my 3 1/2 month old her lasagna when she came to visit

Tina5834 08-04-2012 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by drunkenmonkeysmommy1
My grandmother was offended when I would give my 3 1/2 month old her lasagna when she came to visit

I'm assuming you meant 'wouldn't'!!!

P!nkPepper 08-04-2012 08:12 PM

That is crazy. I feel bad I gave my 9 mo zuccini bread from scratch today. I made it though so I know it is healthy & it was less than a teaspoon of crumby bits yet I still feel evil.

Jodie ~ wife & mama

Dory 08-04-2012 08:13 PM

My grandmother, who's awesome with kids, grabbed the baby's paci for me when he was fussy, but tried to make a pitstop in some KoolAid for flavor. He was probably a couple months.

My other grandmother fed me my first solids without my mom's permission. Mashed potatoes, 6 weeks old. Mama cried.

newmommy13 08-04-2012 08:18 PM

Re: My MIL Just Tried...
my parents have tried to give my dd lots of soda and coffee. both are still off limits but i said she could have a soda on her 5th bday. :giggle: now that shes almost 4.5 i wish i would have said 6! she's getting old so quick! :cry:

my great aunt told me a story about how she would put a cup of coffee next to each of her 8 sons plates at every meal in hopes that they would want to drink that instead of milk. that milk was so expensive! :giggle: i cannot imagine being the mother of 8 boys and thinking that COFFEE is a good idea!

L&MsMamma 08-04-2012 08:25 PM

My MIL is very difficult and the list of inappropriate things she has tried to give my daughter is long, however I think my favorite is probably when she tried to give her chewing gum at 11 months and then got angry at me for telling her she was too young!

luvsviola 08-04-2012 08:38 PM

Re: My MIL Just Tried...
I know I'm the evil one, and I freaked out with my first over what she ate.

Then I had a kid in feeding therapy for the last 3 years. The first thing the therapists start working on for solids is organic cheetos at 6 months. They melt easy, are easy to hold, and taste good. I freaked at first, and he loved them. He also loved coffee and diet coke. After he drinks his Peptamin (medical formula) he can have as much diet coke as he wants (usually about an ounce) as a reward.

After all the things that we have fed DS in 3 years of feeding therapy, I don't give a rats @ss what is given to my 3rd kid. I definitely have a much different perspective on food now. She can have whatever we are eating. And if that is a purple popsicle and she wants a lick, so be it. The world won't end because she had some purple food coloring.

CM6755 08-04-2012 08:41 PM

Re: My MIL Just Tried...
I put my DS to sleep in a pack n play at their house (lives 9 hours away) and she woke him up, folded lots of fluffy blankets, laid them in the bottom and put him back in on his stomach. Luckily we forgot something and had to come back, I wanted one last peek before our much needed night out and was crazed! OH, and at 2 mos. old I woke up from a (rare and much needed) nap and she was holding him, smoking a cigarette after she promised to smoke outside (DD is highly allergic to smoke)...

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