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nemawei 08-08-2012 09:11 AM

Quality of Disney store costumes?
How do you feel about the quality of Disney store costumes? DD wants to be Merida from Brave this year.

I bought DD some PJs there and they looked worn after just a few washes.

The costumes are relatively expensive so I was thinking about looking for a cheaper one if the quality is as bad as the pajamas.

laila 08-08-2012 09:17 AM

I've always had good luck. They are definitely better quality than the costume stores and target. We have some years later that are still holding up.

BETTYBLUE27 08-08-2012 09:17 AM

Re: Quality of Disney store costumes?
Personally i don't like their costumes unless the kids are just gonna wear them once. If it's something they'd like to play dress up with, get it dirty , and have to wash i'd look elsewhere. There are lots of WAHMS on etsy that make cute dresses. Here's the search i did
There are a few for under $40 that are pretty cute.

soonerfan 08-08-2012 09:55 AM

Re: Quality of Disney store costumes?
I bought DD a Belle costume at the boutique in Downtown Disney when she was 4 (and I am pretty certain they are the same as in the store--it was about $40-50). We've had it for two years, in the dress up box, and it is worn often by both girls. It still looks beautiful, and I bet it has been washed about every month or so. They don't often take dress up clothes outside, though.

iris0110 08-08-2012 10:01 AM

Re: Quality of Disney store costumes?
I have never purchased one of the dresses but my oldest had a Maleficent Dragon costume and he wore it for years. It was his favorite costume and I think it was the best of the costumes he has had other than the ones my mother makes for him (certainly better than the ones from Target or Walmart).

Palooka 08-08-2012 10:30 AM

Re: Quality of Disney store costumes?
After buying a few items from there as gifts, and seeing things other parents have bought, I won't purchase anything from the Disney Store now. The toys I've bought all broke immediately, and the clothing/costumes became tattered and frayed after only a couple washes.

Fairycat 08-08-2012 10:41 AM

Re: Quality of Disney store costumes?
We have a pirates and Buzz costume in the dress up bin, that DS has worn the heck out of them, I think they are fantastic and holding up great. Basically from what people say and I have seen for Disney costumes, the ones at the parks are the best and most expensive, the Disney Store are good/great and good prices, other chains, cheaper prices and lower quality, Wal-mart dead cheap and horrid quality, that might make it through TorT.

Fairycat 08-08-2012 10:41 AM

Re: Quality of Disney store costumes?

Dawndelion 08-09-2012 08:14 AM

Re: Quality of Disney store costumes?
DD was Rapunzel for Halloween last year, and her costume is still in great shape. MUCH better than the knock off Tinker Bell one we got from Target. I'd definitely buy from Disney Store again.

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