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Free Thinker 08-10-2012 09:53 AM

Musical Carseats...
I am putting this here instead of the carseat forum b/c it has more to do w/ having lots of kids in and out of the car rather than carseat safety.

So, kiddos are 9, 7, 4, 4 and 15 months. I drive a Suburban w/ captains chairs. The twins will be 5 in December, and the 7 year old will be 8 in February.

Right now the seating is like this:

Captains: Baby in Safeseat, 7 year old in booster

Back row: 4 year old in Radian, 9 year old in nothing (and yes, she passes the 5pt test in this seat), 4 year old in Frontier.

I like this b/c it's nice to have just a small booster in the captains chair that everyone has to climb over. I changed it like this over the summer and I really like it! I still have to get back there and buckle in the 4 year olds most of the time, they still can't always get themselves buckled, and the 9 year old can help, but if she's not there then I climb back there. For now, this works, but the baby is outgrowing her infant seat. I would say in the next 3 months she will be too big for it (so around 18 months old). I think I want her to stay RF, so I had planned to move the Radian up to the captains chair, and I got the little wedge that helps it RF. But then I have to move one of the 4 year olds to the other captains chair b/c I don't have 2 other seats that can go back in the back seat (choices are booster or Radian only, nothing else works out). That would be fine, but then when we pick up the girls everyday they have to drag their bookbags over whomever gets the unlucky spot int he captains chair. I wish we had a different setup, so that we could just get in one side w/o having to crawl over someone else!

Truckerswife 08-10-2012 10:22 AM

is buying a new not expense seat for the baby a option? you could get a Safety 1st guide for only 80.00 or a Cosco Apt for 55.00 or a cosco Scenera for 40.00

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