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Heathsal78 08-11-2012 05:10 PM

Updated added fleece 9.11
Updated BG picture 9.8
Updated 9.4 to add more superundies
Updated 8.31 to add trainers
Updated 8.17 and 8.26 and 8.27 to add more diapers and pics
Updated prices 8.14.12

The time has come to part with my diapers. Little man has officially decided he is potty learning and will NOT touch a diaper with a ten foot poll. All have been washed with rockin green or tide free and clear. Inserts in the dryer and diapers line dried. I have not tried to sun so some light stains may come out in the sun. We are a dog and cat friendly home and I do my best to make sure a stray hair does not make it on the diapers. I have done my best to describe each diaper to the best of my ability. All prices include shipping to the continental US. I am mostly in search of pp, but may be interested in trades of trainers. You could try me.

And the good stuff:

6. One Happy Heiny OS POcket-yellow: In very good condition: 10ppd

7. Bumbledoo Pocket. Fleece inner, microfiber insert. No stains that I can see. It has adjustable leg elastic (see pic): 9ppd

8. 8 BG OS converted to snaps: Includes 2 original microfiber inserts. Some staining on some of the inserts. 9ppd eah or lot 65 ppd
White green orange sold. 3 blue still available.

Orange: EUC. Only used for travel. 15ppd
Green faded band wierd red dot on bum!!! 14ppd

3 tie dyed by me as were used the most of gdiaper stash. Sorry not very good but completely functional. 11ppd or all 3 30ppd

Fleece soakers 8ppd each. EUC
Redskins large
Mickey large (band is on backwards. The seam of it is in the front. Oops!)
Cars XL
Peace winkydinks SOLD
I have many more. Too Many to list in various sizes. Mostly XL if anyone is interested. I made way too many. Some prints are THomas, Camo, Iron man, batman, cat in the hat, Dino prints. All boyish. Pm if interested in pics and sizes.

Will do discount for multiples. If you think my prices are too high, just make me an offer.

I am in the process of adding more diapers so check back!

Carterclan 08-11-2012 07:48 PM

Interested in happy Heiny. Pics?

Heathsal78 08-12-2012 11:39 AM

Moved Sold DIapers to this post to help with viewing:

1. WAHM snap wool cover with monster face. This is a large cover that would probably work best for toddlers. I used this on my 30 lb 2 year old on almost the smallest snap setting and their is plenty of room to grow! I purchased this on diaperswappers a few months ago and don't know much about it. I honestly used other wool covers and rarely used this. The red did bleed a bit on the white parts of the monster face, and on the inside (see pics). 17ppd SOLD
10. Charlie Banana OS Diaper: Wore 2 times. Includes both inserts, one never used just prepped. I purchased this when my local Target started carrying cloth because I was excited, but then potty learning started shortly after. This is basically new condition: 20ppd SOLD

2.OS Ecoposh Fitted Bamboo Color (green)-made by Rumparooz. It is made of recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton, so very eco-friendly! It comes with the 6R bamboo soaker. This has been gently used (a little bit pilly on the outside-can see in the pic) and we loved it. It makes me sad to see it go. 28ppd SOLD

3. Large Sprout sbish OBF snaps-No staining that i can tell. Purchased off of here in "new" condition and we used for about 6 months. Includes both inserts. Is a bit faded with wash. The pic of the inserts has a shadow in the picture. The inserts are brighter in person. SOLD

4. OS BSRB Hyrbid Elite Gray. This is in very good condition. It was also gently used. 19ppd
Now 18ppd SOLD
5. WAHM OS pocket diapers. These do not include an insert but could add one for 1 dollar more. These are very stretch and were pretty trim compared to some other diapers that we had. Snaps, PUL and elastic in great condition. Some snag marks from being washed with velcro dipes that are noted in the descriptions below (and in pics). But the lot for 25ppd ALL SOLD
5 total:
Red with black snaps and black inner: 6ppd

Bright neon orange (think hunting orange) with white snaps and white inner: 6ppd

Blue with black snaps and black inner: Small snag in outter PUL by the "arm" of the diaper. Function is not affected-5ppd

Teal with white snaps and white inner: A few (I see 2) snags on the bum of the diaper. Again not affecting function. Probably from velcro dipes or from sitting. I can't get a good picture of this: 5ppd

Blue with yellow snaps and yellow inner: Snag at the rise snaps. Function is not affected: 5ppd

2. Happy Heiny OS Skull Pocket Diaper: Snaps. I do not have the original insert, but I can include a random if needed. This is a well loved diaper but has plenty of life left. Elastic is still stretchy and snaps are great. 8ppd SOLD

1. OS Transportation Hybrid Fitted: Fleece outer and bamboo inserts. Fleece is a little pilly from normal use. Inside is still very soft. Include one long "snake" snap in insert and a fleece soaker for laying on top. There is a small very very very light pink stain on the underside of the snake soaker. I have no idea what it is from? I can't get it to photograph well: 11ppd now 10ppd SOLD

3. OS BSRB Yellow Dinosaur Hybrid: This is in very good condition. It was gently used. It has a cotton outer of dinosaurs with an organic snap in soaker. 19ppd now 18ppd SOLD Diapers Random:

1. Green Mountain Mommies: Very hungry caterpillar OS snap pocket diaper. I purchased this used off of here. We used it rarely as daddy and grandma weren't a fan of aligning snaps. Everything looks good no issues that I know of. 20ppd SOLD

1. Snail Egg Tooth Diaper: Fleece inner, snake soaker, waterproof. Fits a little small IMO. No stains. Fleece a little pilly from use. Soaker still soft and fuzzy-12ppd SOLD

1. Baby beehinds OS Bamboo Fitted Diaper: Blue with 2 snap in boosters one long and one short Loved this overnight with both boosters (just laid the short one in under the long one) paired with wool. No stains that I can see. Outter is a bit faded that is normal with wash. 15ppd SOLD

9. 3 OS Fuzzibunz: As a lot for 22ppd or 8 ppd for dark yellow and mint. 7ppd for the light yellow with the stretched waist elastic. Included are inserts and replacement leg elastic for each diaper (only 2 are shown in the pic below but I have all 3) SOLD
2 medium blueberry trainers. 14ppd each or both for 24ppd. SOLD
5. 3 Well Loved Happy Heiny OS Pocket Diapers. These work great for older kids/toddlers. They fit my 30 lb 2 year old with plenty of room. The velcro is a little stretched. The middle one does not have a HH tag? NO stains that I can tell and will come with a microfiber insert. 9ppd each or as a lot for 24 ppd or add the yellow HH below for 33ppd. All SOLD
Larges. Excellent condition. Barely used. Mostly used for travel.
Gpants: 16ppd except 3 tie dyes (14ppd)
Inserts: sets of 6 for 25ppd or 12 for 45ppd
New in box gpouch 19ppd SOLD
Navy and red Brown teal and 1 green (all in right column) Gpants SOLD
Flushies in pic SOLD
3 small ecoposh trainers 15ppd each or lot for 40 ppd. These are a bit faded and pilly(minimal) which is normal with wear. I LOVE these, but am looking for fund some mediums. I think the colors are called biscuit, bamboo and love. Green, tan and blue. SOLD

Moved BG pic as added up to date one

. Knickernappies OS Pocket Diaper with Side Snaps Celery Color: This includes a Large Loopy Do insert. There is some snags on the outside of the diaper from being washed with velcro dipes. 15ppd SOLD
BSRB Fleece Fitted Transportation. In like new condition. This is a hybrid elite fitted purchased February if this year. Wore a few times asking 20ppd SOLD
4 medium nightime superundie moss monster. Fleece a little pilly from normal use. 20ppd each. Only one in pic. Will get more pics soon! SOLD

4. BSRB TIAN (tucked in all night). Purchased new off of here. Rarely used. SOLD

Bag Shot Row (BSRB):
Hybrid Fitteds: These were my favorite diapers especially right before potty learning and if we were dealing with any red bums. They allow your little one to feel the leaks. They are 100% breathable AND really do absorb. You do have to make sure to change or you will get compression leaks.

2. OS BSRB Hybrid Snap: This is a turtle print with fleece inner. The brown inner fleece is a little pilly from use. I do not see any stains on the snap in soaker. It is still very soft. I believe it is bamboo fleece but not 100% positive. 10ppd SOLD
1 red snap pocket superundies. 14ppd. Light staining. I haven't tried to sun out yet. SOLD

Heathsal78 08-12-2012 11:39 AM

New diapers added with pics.

Heathsal78 08-12-2012 10:23 PM

Updated sold sbish.

Heathsal78 08-13-2012 03:48 PM

MMARO. I'm heading to post office tomorrow.

Heathsal78 08-13-2012 06:02 PM

Updated more sold
Thanks mamas!

Heathsal78 08-14-2012 05:55 PM

Updated prices please mmao. I really want these to go to a new home!!!!

Heathsal78 08-14-2012 09:00 PM

Updated sold

Heathsal78 08-15-2012 07:13 PM

Evening bump

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