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momomom 08-11-2012 05:28 PM

virus on here?
toay when I hit my back button, I'm getting a blue lithium web address and other weird things. Anyone else having this issue?

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 08-11-2012 06:58 PM

Re: virus on here?
no issues here, did you happen to grab a screenshot?

~happy2Bamommy~ 08-13-2012 08:36 PM

Re: virus on here?
No issue here.

I haven't had any other reports either? Did you happen to be on HC too?

Fashionably Green Baby 08-13-2012 08:42 PM

Re: virus on here?
Not here but I braved spots yesterday and then immediately ran a scan and found a trojan. If you were on HC/spots that would be my guess...if not, I hope it isn't here.

Sweet_Fantasy_Fox 08-13-2012 09:45 PM

Re: virus on here?
HC was messed up again so if anyones gone to spots corner or hc at all, run your virus scan.

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