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kaylabelle05 08-12-2012 10:43 AM

Rice cooker oatmeal
I just got a new rice cooker. Before I just had a small 6-cup one that turned off and on. This one is a 20-cup (12 actual cup) and has white/brown/steam/delay features. I REALLY like it! It cooked a PERFECT batch of rice last night and this AM I wanted to try oatmeal.

I have GF rolled oats that seemed a little thicker that the rolled oats by Quaker. I tried cooking them on the stove a few weeks ago and it was horrible. I thought maybe having it cooked by the rice cooker it would turn out better. I was right for this batch.

I wanted to see if adding strawberries to it would make DD eat some of it rather than the packages from Quaker (or generic brand). I am not too fond of them because they are not GF and their "fruit" is actually apples (VERY allergic). They are also high in sugar.

As it was cooking it smelled just like the oatmeal from Quaker (strawberries and cream). And it smelled wonderful! I brought it out and it did not smell the same. I was unsure of it myself but figured I would try it. DD saw what I made and wanted to try it. She ended up not liking it but DS did. He said it tasted different. Well it did. It did NOT taste like any oatmeal I have ever had but it was quite good. I added a bit of sugar and butter to it and it was different but VERY good. I am glad I made more than just one serving.

So to my questions:
-It did end up a bit crusty on the bottom. Should I have sprayed it?
-I put it on white rice setting. Was that the wrong setting?
-I had 2 cups oatmeal, 4 cups water (minimum needed). Should I have changed some of the liquid to something other than water?
-It did taste a bit too cooked. Did I leave it too long? Again, was the white rice setting wrong?
-Can I pre-add sugar and butter? Even cinnamon or brown sugar?

I looked and looked last night to find recipes that had basic directions but there really wasn't any. Some said to add apple juice, salt, nuts.

Does anyone have a basic recipe? Add oats, liquid, diced fruit, spices/seasonings?

tesslouise 08-12-2012 10:32 PM

Re: Rice cooker oatmeal
There's a rice cooker cookbook that might help, it's actually called The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook. There's an old edition and a new one, we have both. :p Check your library?

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