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MrsCrafty 08-16-2012 11:24 AM

Anyone a sub?
Right now I do clinic support in the NICU, I've been there 3 years and I love it. However I work 12 hour night shifts, and my job is about 100 miles from my house(moved out to DF farm a few months ago). I work 1 weeknight, and then every other weekend in a 2 week rotation(so 4 days/2 weeks) when I work my weekend DS and I stay at my parents in town so I don't have to spend so long commuting and can get sleep. They love having DS but it's hard being away from home, and thats the weekend we have DSD so we never spend the weekend with her(we have 50/50 so we do see her 2 weekdays a week).
One night on a whim I applied for a sub para job with the schools by our farm(its a town over so not where our LOs will be going) and I got offered the job today. I feel like I might as well do it since I'm not even sure how often I'll get called and it could very well lead to a perm position. Problems are that I need to keep my current job until I knew how many hours I normally might get, and it's a huge pay cut. Like $7/hour. But the commute would be easy, less wear and tear on my car. I'd be off when the kids were off, and home every night.
My pay right now is sort of extra money for us, to do fun/extra things, we'd be fine just with DFs farming income but I like working and having money for extra.
Thoughts? Anyone a sub, how often do you get calls? My sister got hired(in another state) as a sub and within a week they had an opening for her to work 4 days a week. I'm sure thats not always the case.

CarrieMF 08-16-2012 01:57 PM

Re: Anyone a sub?
I have been a sub on and off for the last 4 years. I am on a contract again for this upcoming school year.

What I loved about subbing, the job is always changing. I could go from working with the highschool students to the kindergarten to reading exams in 1 day. There are 9 different schools I'd work in. If I had something going on that day or I had a kid home sick I could always say no.

What I didn't like, some days were hard to fill in with the highly special needs kids but when you got called for that kid again you knew what to expect. The hours are unexpected and you get EARLY calls for subbing so you'd need to have a sitter on call if you have kids at home still.

Last school year I was on contract for the first 2 months, then I subbed for 7 months and was on contract for the last month. 6 of the months I subbed I also did Noon Supervision in a particular school twice a day. That cut down on the days I subbed. I would only sub at that school on those days, though there were times where the other schools dealt with me leaving early to go do supervision there because they were short subs. I quit doing noon supervision in the 2nd last month of the year because the contract I was going under was supposed to start then but it ended up being a month later.

Most months I worked at minimum half time subbing, even when doing the noon supervision. When I stopped doing noon supervision I subbed 90%, I had 4 days off.

There are some tricks to getting more subbing hours. You need to get in with the Aides in the schools. Don't be shy(even if you normally are, you can't be). Talk them up in the staff room, talk to everyone in the staff room as if you had a contract there. Get to know the staff and share personal stories with them. Here the aides call in their own subs and can request who they want. Second to them is the teachers. Do whatever the teacher asks of you and go above/beyond. I stayed late for 20minutes helping a teacher clean up the classroom at the end of the day(it was a glittery christmas nightmare,lol) so she could leave faster(she was holding the staff xmas supper at her house that night). She appreciated that so much and made sure she had my name for the next time her aide needed a sub. She said most subs would leave as soon as that bell rang. I have stayed late helping the other aides too. We had every wednesday off as an early dismissal. At my kids school they have country busses who come later. The aides are in charge of the bus kids and I stayed to help where the person I was covering for was supposed to be. The other aides(there are 4 in this school) were trying to tell me to leave and I wouldn' They said there is 1 aide who often subs at the school(and has kids there too) who would always leave. I stayed. for my 6hours.

Now there will probably be at least 1 snobby I worked at one(on contract) for 6months, I then subbed in this school the next school year and some of the staff members(who I worked with the previous year) didn't realize I had been there before. In that school aides are lower than low, the students treat the aides as the scum of the earth because that's how the teachers perceive us.

I love subbing. If I could do it with guaranteed hours I would over being contracted in 1 school. Subbing often does lead to temporary and permanent contracts. The more experience(subbing and education) the more likely. I am not sure of the pay in your district but here it is $17.98/hour.

MrsCrafty 08-16-2012 02:24 PM

Thanks for the reply! Both our kids will be in full day kindergarten and we are the 2nd stop on a country route so I'll be able to put them on the bus and get to the school in plenty of time I think. Lots to think about! Thank you :goodvibes:

Paislie98 08-18-2012 09:19 PM

Re: Anyone a sub?
I was a sub for a year. It was not for me. But I wanted a position so badly, it was hard for me to be in a room for just a day, I'd want more! I got called with our main school district about everyday. Sometimes I could avoid the early calls by looking online for jobs and accepting them. I preferred long term jobs towards the end so I kept in contact with sub office and signed up for those. It was good money, I actually made more subbing than when I did get a contact teaching full time!

MrsCrafty 08-21-2012 08:42 AM

Well now they want me to interview for a school nurses job! Which seems perfect, 3 days a week :goodvibes:

nothingtosee 08-22-2012 04:38 PM

Re: Anyone a sub?
I'm a sub and I mostly do 10-12 hour shifts on weekends. There are plenty of openings for part and full time positions in my company, but the offered schedules do not work for my family and available childcare. I do take on week hours as well, which is when ds attends daycare and soon school.

MrsCrafty 08-23-2012 06:00 AM

Thanks for all the replies, I interview this morning for the school nurse position! Praying I get it!

tweety612 08-30-2012 07:30 AM

Good luck! I have been subbing for the past 2 years since I graduated. I applied for a PT position but didn't get it. Hopefully next year I will get something PT or FT, and I will keep subbing until then.

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