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lola_roo 08-20-2012 07:47 AM

Noeo Science Chemistry 1
I bought this science curriculum to use last year. I got pregnant and ended up sending the kids to a science class so this has never been used. It is missing the book what's smaller than a pygmy goat , an optional kit Ein-Os Box Kit: Molecular Models and Super Science Concoctions. They can be purchased from amazon.

This science curriculum works with either classical homeschooling or the charlotte mason method. It is recommended for grades 1-3, ages 5-8, and classical stage early grammar.

This set includes the instructors guide with a schedule, and all workhsheets that can be photocopied.

The hard books-
Simpy Science Atoms
Marie Curie
Rocks and Minerals
How to think like a scientist
A drop of water

paper back books-
A True Book
-The Periodic Table
-Hydrogen and the Noble Gases
How We Use Plastic

5 noeo experiment kits.

$120 for everything, will not split

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