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Mac & Cheeses mom 08-21-2012 09:47 AM

Please delete. Listed on eBay
I have a black DS Lite that is 5 years old. It still works fine. It has cosmetic scratches but it again does not effect the function. I have the car charger for it too. $50 ppd $45 ppd

Mac & Cheeses mom 08-25-2012 06:20 AM

sold moved here

DS games; 1 GBA game [COLOR="gray"]
Mario cart (2)
Kim possible global gemini
Animal planet emergency vet
Nintendo Dogs dachshund & friends
Fantasy aquarium
Shrek Smash & Crash
Peggle (2)
Sudoku Mania
Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses
Diddy Kong Racing
Rhythm Heaven
Barbie Fashion Show
Fashion studio Paris
Art Academy
Charlotte's wed GBA

iPod Nano
The pink one is a second generation. It has wear marks on the front screen, and on the back. It has a few noticeable marks on the back and a dent. No cosmetic issue effect the function.

I also have a Nike+ iPod Nano adaptor and sensor. Both are in great condition. You can use the sensor with any iPod Nano if you have the adaptor, or with any iPhone that has the app.

For sale I have 1 iPod Nano we have owned by us for over 5 years. The charger for the iPod will be brand new in box generic chargers.

The black on is a first generation. It has some wear marks on the silver back and on the front. It is most noticeable on the back. No marks effect the function.

I also have a Pink and Grey Otterbox Defender Series iPhone 4/4s case. It has the attached screen protector (which has a few scratches in it).

Mac & Cheeses mom 09-02-2012 03:19 PM


Mac & Cheeses mom 09-21-2012 05:08 PM

Re: IPod Nano's and DS Lite

Mac & Cheeses mom 09-22-2012 10:05 AM


Mac & Cheeses mom 09-26-2012 02:43 PM


Mac & Cheeses mom 09-29-2012 06:16 AM


PailPowder 09-29-2012 07:50 PM

Does the DS have scratches on the screen or does it just look like it in the light? My SIL is looking for one for my nephew

Mac & Cheeses mom 09-29-2012 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by PailPowder
Does the DS have scratches on the screen or does it just look like it in the light? My SIL is looking for one for my nephew

It has some minor scratches from the stylus, but nothing like what it looks like in the pic
This one is the only one that shows the minor scratches

Granola_mom 10-01-2012 09:36 PM

Re: DS Lite, iPhone 4/4s Otterbox
Are you ISO anything for the DS??

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