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skullygirl 08-28-2012 08:56 PM

**REDUCED!** Mutts OS & GoodMama
These diapers were only used a few times. They are in EXCELLENT used condition, with little signs of wear (except as noted)! All my diapers were washed in Charlie's and dried in the fresh air and sunshine! Coming from a smoke-free home. PM me with interest.

1. Muttaqin (3 Step Rise / OS) Diapers - These two are winter themed!! I bought these brand new from the Mutt Baby website, and they were only used a handful of times. Sized to fit 8lb-35+lb. Condition noted below. I'd take $28/ppd $25/ppd for both, or as priced individually.

1a. Muttaqin Snowflake (left) - EXCELLENT used condition! Still as super soft and plush and absorbent as when I bought it. No Stains (of course the dark colours work wonders for that!). $17/ppd $15/ppd

1b. Muttaqin Snowboards (right) - Great used condition. Also soft, plush and absorbent. Faint stains on the inside soaker. [I]$15/ppd[/I] $13/ppd
mutt1 by skullygirl, on Flickr
mutt2 by skullygirl, on Flickr

2. **SOLD!!!** Baby Beehinds Organic Bamboo OS- this is the ultimate in absorbency! Still in perfect condition. I bought this diaper new from a local boutique and because we CD'd for such a short time, it had very limited use by the time my son grew into it. There are no stains, no pilling, and it is just as soft & absorbent as ever. . .seriously, it's like **NEW**!!
!dipes7 by skullygirl, on Flickr
!dipes7 back by skullygirl, on Flickr

3a. Goodmama - Amped: (left) GUC. No stains. Snaps & elastics are good. Inside not as fluffy as it used to be, still absorbent. . .there is a slight stain and the outside fabric is a bit faded. $13/ppd $12/ppd

3b. **SOLD** WAHM? - Anarchy: (right) EUC. I can't remember where I got this, but it is a great quality dipe! Inside velour is stain free and VERY soft, VERY absorbent. Outside fabric showing a little wear . . nothing too noticeable. [I]$15/ppd[/I] $14/ppd
fitted2 by skullygirl, on Flickr
fitted1 by skullygirl, on Flickr

skullygirl 08-29-2012 07:31 PM

Re: FS: Mutts OS / GoodMama / Baby Beehinds OS Organic Bamboo
Bump! :)

skullygirl 08-31-2012 09:05 AM

Re: FS: Mutts OS / GoodMama / Baby Beehinds OS Organic Bamboo
BUMP! :)

skullygirl 09-02-2012 05:50 AM

Re: FS: Mutts OS / GoodMama / Baby Beehinds OS Organic Bamboo

Mamaseitz 09-02-2012 08:17 PM

Re: FS: Mutts OS / GoodMama / Baby Beehinds OS Organic Bamboo
3a& b for $26? Or interested in trading for anything? Please send me a pm if any I terest. Thanks!

skullygirl 09-06-2012 06:04 AM

Re: **REDUCED!** Mutts OS & GoodMama

skullygirl 09-10-2012 05:50 AM

Re: **REDUCED!** Mutts OS & GoodMama
monday morning BUMP :)

skullygirl 09-18-2012 06:34 AM

Re: **REDUCED!** Mutts OS & GoodMama
BUMP! updated sold items.... still some awesome MUTTS left :)

skullygirl 10-08-2012 06:45 AM

Re: **REDUCED!** Mutts OS & GoodMama
BUMP! good stuff still avail :)

skullygirl 10-14-2012 07:28 PM

Re: **REDUCED!** Mutts OS & GoodMama
REDUCED...still avail :) BUMP!!

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