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katymf 09-04-2012 08:11 AM

I find myself debating daily over repeat c-section or VBAC. i have done my research over and over again and have talked to my MW about this. Since i had DS i was positive and 100% certain of a VBAC.
DS was a tough delivery. I was 10 days overdue, had to be induced, was in labor for about 9 hours with no progression stuck at 7cm for the longest time. then his heart rate kept dropping and alas, emergency c-section was decided. At the time, i had not done my research. I didnt know if my hospital did or didnt do VBAC'S, i didnt know that there would be such controvsery over repeat c-sections or having a VBAC, i didn't know all the statistics.
I want to be able to experience birth the way our maker had experienced and intended. I don't want to be numb and strapped down to a table with needles stuck inside my arms. I want to see my baby being born and be able to share and experience with my baby what he/she is going through. It is such a beautiful and a once in a lifetime moment. Every birth is different.
My MW delivered my son so she knows just how big he was (a whopping 10lbs, 13oz and 22 1/4in long.) I asked her if the hospital does VBAC's. she looked at me, smiled and said "no, we do not." still with a smile on her face, then patted my leg and said "i'm sorry." I then asked "Well, what is the nearest hospital that will perform a VBAC?" she told me about a hospital nearly 2 hours away. I would have to set up an appointment with one of the doctors there and go over questions and risks and blah blah.
While i still would LOVE a VBAC i find myself asking "is it safe enough? what IF i am the .1% that has uterine rupture? is this the best decision for my baby? is this even possbile? what IF my baby comes out almost 11lbs? will my baby have shoulder dystocia?" While i am confident in my body i just myself second guessing myself all the time.
For now i plan on having a VBAC. i plan on making an appt. a little farther into my pregnancy with the doctor from the hospital i'd be able to get my VBAC. and i plan on still researching and talking to my MW about this.
Have any of you dealt with a desicion of VBAC or repeat c-section?
What did you end up with and why?

clnapoli 09-04-2012 08:57 AM

I had a cesarean with my first for similar reasons to you. I REALLY wanted to do a VBAC with my second for similar reasons as well. 25 weeks into my pregnancy, we moved, and the hospitals here do not do them. I also could have decided to go 2 hours away for a VBAC, but decided against it. Thinking about the possibility of complications going into labor, and having to go so far, it wasn't worth it to me. I knew that having a repeat c-section would still get me to my goal--a healthy baby. My first c-section was rather traumatic because of going through the induction first and those complications. Having a repeat that was scheduled was amazing. I was completely alert, able to nurse as soon as I got into recovery, and my total recovery was fine. I am happy with my decision, even though I'm still sad that I couldn't have that vaginal delivery that my body was created for.

Either way you go, know that a healthy baby as the end result means that it was successful!

joeslittlewoman 09-04-2012 11:19 AM

I had a CBAC after a 2nd failed induction. I don't regret trying, though I wish I had been bolder about some other decisions along the way. Failure to progress both times (heart decels the 2nd time after getting an epi). No sign that I am incapable of birthing my babies, so I still have to answer this question again. Only with a VBA2C and another hospital banning VBACs, I have even fewer choices.

I don't know what the answer is, as I am still trying to figure it out for myself. My options are a HBA2C, possibly switching to the only doc who does VBACs anymore (likely with pressure for another [earlier] induction), or stick with the doc I love and have a "natural cesarian". At this point I am only considering options 1 and 3. If my hubby can't get comfortable about being out of the hospital, I'm probably just going to stick with my doc.

The risks are pretty low in either direction. I think you just have to go with your gut. An option you might consider if you decide to VBAC out of town, is to find a midwife/monitrice (sp?) near you who would stay with you as you labor at home, travel, and labor in the hospital. That way you would have someone there to monitor in case there was an emergency. Might relieve some anxiety?

Van1300 09-04-2012 04:25 PM

I also have been struggling with this decision, and I am scheduled for a repeat c-section right after Thanksgiving. I had a horribly slow labor with my daughter, getting stuck at 3cm, needing oxygen and seeing her heart rate drop. It was 12 hours before I finally agreed to the c-section.

This pregnancy I have GD and high BP, plus a hernia from the first pregnancy. I feel like I am too "high risk" for the VBAC, but have a lot of lingering issues with wanting a VBAC. I am glad to know that people who have had a repeat c-section could nurse right away, and had a good recovery. I am trying to look forward to it!

franmoor 09-04-2012 06:14 PM

I had the same feeling when I was eliminated for VBAC on my 37th week. It is because my DS didn't moved around and stucked on breech position,the same reason on my first C-Sec. Knowing it, my OB-gyne scheduled me for an elective after a week. My husband said it doesn't matter how I deliver my son on this world, what matters is the safety and health of the baby and me. I'm half awake during the whole procedure, I've heard them saying that "it's a boy!" and the time he was out. My regret was I wasn't able to open my eyes at that time to see him.

ambie719 09-06-2012 08:26 AM

No one can tell you which is best, it is a very personal decision and one that only you can make because only you know what you're comfortable with.

My DS1 was a c-section, he was stuck (giant head) and after 20 hours of labor, at least 5 of which I was stuck at 9 cm, we called for a c-sec. I did go into labor on my own though. The recovery was easy, no issues, no problems. We got pg again when he was 7 months old, putting 16 months between my deliveries. There are no vbac bans here so I had the option of a vbac, I was just cautioned that since my births were so close together I would be monitored more closely and kept on a bit of a shorter leash. I had to go into labor on my own, they won't induce for a vbac. I decided that I wanted to try, taking care of a toddler and a newborn seemed much easier without throwing major abdominal surgery into the mix. Yes there was part of me that was scared, not only of the small risks, but also of attempting and failing and going through hours labor only to end up with a c-sec again. I also knew we would have one more child, and the more c-sec's you have the higher the risk of complications with each surgery, so that was just another thing to consider. And my pregnancies have been textbook, no issues, no complications, nothing. If I'd had any health issues that definitely would've influenced my decision.

In the end DS2 was my vbac baby, despite being posterior. He was just as big as his brother so size played no role in DS1 getting stuck. I did need an episiotomy, but it was worth it, and he did have some decels, but they always came back to normal so the OB let me continue. Pushing took quite awhile, partly because I'd never done it before and partly because the pushing had only managed to turn him sideways, so his position was troublesome. I can't comment on recovery being better or worse, it was like night and day, it was just different.

I am expecting #3 in the next 2-4 weeks and am planning on another vbac, and hoping to go med free for the first time.

mabelinoad 09-06-2012 08:43 AM


Link in my siggy to my pregnancy/birth story.

canadianbakers 09-06-2012 09:38 AM

I've had 2 VBACs - Levi and Elliana (though hers wasn't normal circumstances).

I definitely wanted to at least try for a VBAC. I was okay with not getting one in the end - whatever gets baby here healthy and whole, in my arms, is a-ok with me - but I wanted to give my body the chance.
I was willing to do AROM and, if needed pitocin, if nothing happened on its own by 42wks. I went into labor naturally at 41wk4d.

Germy 09-09-2012 12:47 PM

My first was born by c section because she went into distress due to me having chorioamnionitis. My second was born vbac even though I got chorio again, they just kept a close eye on his heart rate.

So yeah, I have made that decision in the past. What made up my mind was the fact that if I had opted for a repeat section and didn't even *try* for a vbac, I knew I could never forgive myself.

jac1976 09-09-2012 01:06 PM

I struggled with that decision with my DD.

DS was a c/s because of an undiagnosed previa that caused a large bleeding episode. I went to the hospital and right into the OR. Because I had never been in labor and had no issues, my MW said that I was a great candidate for VBAC. I saw MWs and planned on a VBAC until I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant. Then a few things happened that changed my mind.

I thought long and hard about the what ifs. I knew that if anything went wrong, I would hate myself. Then my MIL was diagnosed with cancer. She was a HUGE part of our care plan for DS. When that got muddled, I just decided to schedule the C/S so we could better plan for care for our son (who was 2.5 and non verbal at the time).

In hindsight, having the c/s was a good thing to do. MIL was in the hospital and they wanted to induce a coma and intubate her the day before DD was born. MIL refused b/c she knew the baby was being born the following day (we didn't know gender). Right after DD was born, DH took a picture over to his mom and then she let the doctors put her in a coma. She never woke up and died 7 days later. I was glad to know that she knew she had a little granddaughter who shared her name. I have the copy of the picture (printed on a plain piece of paper) with MIL's handwriting on it saying that DD looks like her brother (MIL couldn't speak at the time and wrote out what she wanted to say.)

Almost 5 years later, I am still saddened by the fact that I've never had a vaginal birth. I don't regret my choice, but I recognize I had a unique set of circumstances.

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