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weesej 09-09-2012 06:21 AM

I Hurt!
All over :banghead: I am sick and tired of it and it is getting worse. I have chronic Lyme and the pregnancy has caused symptoms to flare up. My arthritis symptoms are spreading. Now my neck and shoulders are inflamed and painful and crack when I move them. There are days my pain and fatigue make it hard to walk across the room and going upstairs makes me need to sit down and sometimes take a nap. Since my symptoms are spreading in my body I am worried the Lyme is traveling. I only have one more option for medication and it involves a central line or hep lock and doing IV's daily. That will add a lot of risk to the pregnancy, but I am not sure how much longer I can keep going like this. I also think this infection is making my blood sugars extremely hard to control....frustrated all around! Complaint over!

abunchoflemons 09-09-2012 07:36 AM

Re: I Hurt!
Hugs. I just rode my bike yesterday after not for a yr.I'm saddle sore but nothing like u hon.

rachaeljohnson 09-09-2012 04:10 PM

Re: I Hurt!
oh giant hugs!!!

jackobeano 09-09-2012 10:44 PM

Re: I Hurt!
:hugs: I hope that things get easier for you and that you don't have to do the daily IVs that sounds just horrible. So sorry this pregnancy is taking such a toll on your body :(

Totally off subject but based on how hard this time around has been for you do you think you will do another pregnancy in the future (probably totally prying so you don't have to answer, I'm just always curious when people decide it's just too much on their bodies)?

weesej 09-10-2012 07:13 PM

Re: I Hurt!
Today was better. That's how Lyme are fine, then awful, then fine, then start thinking you are nuts.

This is actually my 5th high-risk, no fun pregnancy....probably the worst though. I contracted Lyme 7 years ago and did not realize it. I was diagnosed 15 months ago and after 7 months of treatment was feeling greay for the first time in those 7 years. I truly thought the Lyme was essentially gone and that I would actually have a healthy pregnancy again. I had to switch meds right away because what I was on is not safe in pregnancy. Within 4 weeks all my Lyme symptoms were back and getting worse. So...I am not sure...the last one was looking like it until I was feeling better, now I don't know if I will risk it again. I trust God to provide and get me through...and He does, but I do think He understands if someone is sick and does not have any more children

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