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fuzzdoodle 09-10-2012 02:49 PM

‎4 size 1, kissaluvs fitteds, still relatively soft and plush unlike how some older kissas get. Elastic was just tested and all is still springy. Leg elastic might be a little stretched on the one in the bottom right, but still springy. $40pp for the lot.

‎6 used condition little beetle 100% fair trade organic cotton velour fitteds. Size 2. $13ppd each. $65ppd for the lot.

These show signs of wear that is common with any natural fiber diapers, but leg elastic is great on 5, relaxed on 1. The waist elastic is functional but relaxed on most.
No stains.

I will take detailed photos for anyone interested because i know worn diapers are difficult to describe.

2 BumGenius AIOs, size Medium. One has a pocket opening in addition to the built-in soaker, and the other does not. Yellow has very faint stain that has never been sunned. Both have curling Velcro tabs as is common with these but that annoy me  They are still very sticky.

2 Blueberry Minky Pocket Diapers, Size Large EEUC. No stains or damage. No inserts. $25ppd for both.

Misc brand heavy duty medium fitteds - 12ppd each

Wool boy shorties. Beautiful Handmade newborn shorties. $35ppd

See WOOL page for Wool listing

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20% off

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