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carlamitchell 09-10-2012 07:22 PM

GMD, Econobum, Softbums, HH, SDB, Kushies! *PIC HEAVY*
Hey All,
First thing's first, I am a newbie to the selling game, this is actually my first FSOT post, so please be nice and patient with me and LMK if I have committed a major faux pas of some kind, or if I can do things differently or better!

I am doing a bit of a destash (of what little stash we have!), converting to cotton and stuff that actually fits! All items are priced for individual sale ppd shipping via USPS parcel post, but I would love to sell in lots just to get rid of it, so maybe we can strike a deal!

Also, I am desperately ISO imagine smart-fit prefolds in x-small, small and large, so trading is definitely on my radar. :goodvibes:


1 Kushies diaper wrap NIP - $7ppd

1 Kushies diaper wrap, EUC, only used a few times - $5ppd

3 SDB OS pockets.(SDB is Nubunz old brand, SweetDollBaby, now discontinued).
No pilling or stains, all snaps and elastic in great working order. (I have never been thrilled with the velcro stickiness on the red one; it is weak, but that is a product design flaw, not because of wear.) See note below concerning inserts.
--1 lavender snaps - $5ppd w/o inserts, $6ppd w/ 3 inserts
--1 lime green snaps - $5ppd w/o inserts, $6ppd w/ 3 inserts
--1 red velcro - $5ppd w/o inserts, $6ppd w/ 3 inserts

1 SDB OS pocket. Right leg elastic is starting to fail, and the left inner-most snap no longer has that clean "SNAP" sound and feel, but has yet to come unsnapped on its own. No pilling or stains, all other snaps in great working order. See note below concerning inserts.
--1 orange snaps - $4ppd w/o inserts, $5ppd w/ 3 inserts

1 Happy Heinys OS velcro pocket, white, with 4 mf inserts, 2 small and 2 large. Bought new a couple months ago, only used a few times, no stains or pilling inside, awesome elastic and snaps, and inserts are still crisp white and beautiful (I dont think I ever used them other than initial wash, I used others already in rotation) but some pilling on front of cover where velcro stuck to it in the wash. (I would give it an EUC if it wasn't for the pilling.) - $8ppd

9 Econobum unbleached prefolds, approx 11.5"x17". A few (3?) have stains, haven't tried to sun. Were bleached once by me but still look relatively unbleached. (The pic shows 8 but there really are 9, one was in the wash as these are our go-to dipes until we sell them.) - $15ppd

*Note concerning mf inserts.*
As you can see from the pic I have sewn microfleece to the original SDB inserts to make them stay-dry so I wouldn't have to stuff and so I could prolong the usefulness and life of my pockets. We started having bad ammonia stink issues over the summer, a few weeks after we got back in CDing full time, because of our hard water and before I switched to commercial detergent that could handle it. (Hence the conversion to cotton.) Anyway, I resorted to boiling them once, it was that bad, which shrunk them up a little bit and turned the mf-exposed side a light pink from the dye running. The fleece on a few of them also has minor tears in a few spots, from the condition of the fabric before putting it on, not from wear from diapering use. SO, if you want them, I will send along 3 with each cover if desired, for an extra $1 to cover added weight cost for shipping. Be aware that you may have to strip them, as I don't think they were washed in a detergent better suited for our water situation because we started moving to cotton at about the same time...

SOLD 6 GMD large white-edge unbleached organic flats. VGUC, no holes or fraying or thinning fabric. One has light/moderate staining in one quarter if the fabric, haven't tried to sun. These have white stitching, 2-or-so years old, and were bleached once by me which lightened them quite a bit, but I promise you they were originally unbleached, are darker than in the pic, where they look white! - $15ppd

SOLD 1 Softbums OS AI2, buttery yellow, with 1 stay-dry snap-in insert. Tags do not specify anywhere whether it is an Omni or an Echo. Bought used on consignment in July. No stains or pilling on fleece of cover. Insert had some staining when I got it which has been sunning out slowly, and is starting to get a little ragged on the mf-exposed side. There is light pilling around the long velcro strip, and the edge stitching entering the pocket, and the velcro strip and tabs are starting to come unsewn, but velcro is still SUPER sticky - better than my thirsties have ever been!!!) - $6ppd


Kushies diaper wraps

SDB pockets

HH pocket

Econobum prefolds

SDB converted mf inserts


SOLDSoftbums AI2

carlamitchell 09-11-2012 07:25 PM

Re: GMD, Econobum, Softbums, HH, SDB, Kushies! *PIC HEAVY*

SweetMamaKaty 09-12-2012 12:08 PM

Re: GMD, Econobum, Softbums, HH, SDB, Kushies! *PIC HEAVY*
pm'd you :)

sharper75 09-12-2012 12:49 PM

Is the softbums still avail?

sharper75 09-12-2012 12:51 PM

It won't let me PM you....

carlamitchell 09-12-2012 01:30 PM

Re: GMD, Econobum, Softbums, HH, SDB, Kushies! *PIC HEAVY*
sharper, the softbums was JUST sold! i pm'd you too, test to see if you can pm me back now if you want. you have 6 posts, so it should work...

carlamitchell 09-13-2012 05:10 PM

Re: GMD, Econobum, Softbums, HH, SDB, Kushies! *PIC HEAVY*

carlamitchell 09-15-2012 03:22 PM

Re: GMD, Econobum, Softbums, HH, SDB, Kushies! *PIC HEAVY*
bump - i am totally open to offers on price or discounts for lots, MMAO! i just want this stuff gone!

carlamitchell 09-18-2012 05:24 PM

Re: GMD, Econobum, Softbums, HH, SDB, Kushies! *PIC HEAVY*

carlamitchell 10-14-2012 06:41 PM

Re: GMD, Econobum, Softbums, HH, SDB, Kushies! *PIC HEAVY*

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