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texanatheart 09-10-2012 11:32 PM


I'll take $140 $132 $40 $32 $25 for the whole lot remaining items - heck of a deal! (sold items moved to bottom of post.) Or prices as listed below. Prices are NOT inclusive of shipping. Smoke-free home. Pet-free home (except when ds2 was in LL pfs and Ocean Thirsties cover we had a black labrador retriever. All other items purchased since he has left us.). I can't figure out how to get the pics to show up in post, even after all the searching I've done...If you know how, please let me know. Thanks for looking!

>>> 4 2 Bummis covers. $8 each or $30 for all 4.
-Green Super Brite in EUC - Aplix edges very slightly pilled.
-Yellow Super Brite in EUC – Aplix edges very slightly pilled and gusset somewhat discolored.
SOLD Super Snap ‘Bloom’ in VGUC – Function is perfect, but very slightly EBF stained (may sun out, but honestly, you can hardly even see. I can pm clearer pics, if you like.).
SOLD Pink Super Brite in VGUC – Aplix edges very slightly pilled, gusset somewhat discolored, and edges all around lightly snagged/pilled.

PENDING >>>3 Happy Heiny's Small pockets. Microfiber inserts included. $10 takes all 3.
-Alligators in GUC. PUL edges (outside) slightly worn, leg elastic shot, back elastic great, no stains, and aplix in VGUC. New leg elastic, and this would be great! $3
-Transformer/Power Ranger-looking pattern in GUC-VGUC. PUL edges on outside slightly worn, leg elastic and back elastic still good, no stains, and aplix in VGUC. $5
-Paw print in GUC-VGUC. Leg elastic still good, back elastic great, and no stains (but inside and aplix pilly from washing with dyed KL0s). $5

SOLD>>>2 1 Thirsties XS covers. $8 for both.
-Lavender in VGUC. I bought new and used for about 6 weeks. Aplix slightly pilly at edges from washing with dyed KL0s, but still in excellent functional condition. $8
-Ocean in well-loved condition :) I bought used and used it for about 2 months. Elastic still works, but def worn. Aplix same. One edge of one laundry tab is unstitched. I just can't see throwing it out. Someone could def get at least a few weeks' wear out of it. $2 or free with Lavender.

SOLD>>>13 infant prefolds. Lot for $10.
-Little Lions dyed in GUC. 3 light blue, 3 mustard-orange, 3 yellow. I bought from another mama who had dyed them herself. 11"W x 12.5"L (a couple are 1/2" longer/wider). Couple have EBF stains that will probably sun out (I can't, being in an apt). Lots of life left in them!! One of the yellows has a pen mark less than 1" long.
-4 unknown brand natural-color w/green stitching in GUC. 10.5"W x 13"L. 3 are a little pilly and a couple have spit up stains.

SOLD>>>15 Kissaluvs fitteds size 0. $100 for all.
-I bought them secondhand from a woman who dyed them - there are 2 purple, 5 orange, 1 pink, 5 dark pink/red, and 2 green. The snaps and elastic are in VGUC-EUC. They are a bit pilly, but still function perfectly.

swrlgrl105 09-11-2012 06:20 AM

Re: Great newborn lot! Prefolds, KL0s, HH pockets, and covers!
pm'd you

texanatheart 09-12-2012 06:16 AM


texanatheart 09-13-2012 07:37 PM

Re: Great newborn lot! Prefolds, KL0s, HH pockets, and covers!

texanatheart 09-15-2012 09:32 AM

Re: Great newborn lot! Prefolds (sold), KL0s (sold), HH pockets, and covers!

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