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s2grace 09-11-2012 04:18 PM

Hi Mamas,

I haven't been on here much, just checking in to say congrats to all of you! I've read a few stories and love seeing all the new "(insert name) is here" posts.

We are doing well. I think that some of the clouds have lifted in the past few weeks. We had Ella's memorial on Aug. 12, the weekend she would have been due. It was beautiful. I spoke at it, we sang some worship songs, my FIL gave a message, and then we released balloons. I'm still sad, incredibly at times, but God is good and He's given me much to be thankful for. I can see some healing happening and I'm grateful. I'm anxiously awaiting our Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep pictures. Can't wait to see her face in some new pics. :)

We would like to TTC in about 6 months or so. I'd love a rainbow baby. :)

Blessings to you all!

bohemianxchaos 09-11-2012 05:26 PM

<3 ive been thinking about you! What a sweet memorial!

'Smartphone' approved ;)

clatchford2011 09-11-2012 06:58 PM

Re: update
so sweet mama. I pray you feel healing soon and you get your rainbow soon :hugs:

girlichick 09-12-2012 07:44 PM

:hugs: mama. Such a long hard road <3 this baby was our rainbow baby... It was such an emotional journey! We have been keeping your family in our prayers. Little Ella was so blessed to be part of your fam. :)

challmeyeralways 09-15-2012 01:42 AM

Re: update
I am so glad to hear the update! I am glad that you and your family are doing alright. I know it is REALLY hard. I have thought of you often and prayed for you just as much. I look forward to pictures if you are willing to share. We (your DDC) morn with you and will be eager to hear of a rainbow baby :-)

s2grace 09-15-2012 09:28 AM

Re: update
I'd love to share some pics. We took quite a few. I'm waiting (im)patiently for the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep pictures. It was supposed to take 6-8 weeks and we are past 10. I'll upload some after the weekend. :)

momomom 09-15-2012 03:53 PM

Re: update
Praying for you, Shannon, as you heal.

marliah 09-16-2012 06:14 PM

Re: update
Glad you checked in, I have wondered about you many times :hugs:

challmeyeralways 09-17-2012 01:42 AM

Re: update
Wow! 10 weeks sounds like a REALLY long time! have you called to make sure that they are processing and haven't just forgotten about letting you know they are done?

Crysgoss 09-30-2012 07:34 PM

Re: update

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