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unfadingcolors 09-12-2012 01:45 PM

ALL SOLDSBish, WAHM, Clovers
Here goes. I am being as thorough as possible in the photos. Some of these diapers are well loved and I want to make it clear. Some are new, almost new, etc. Everything was bought new by me unless noted otherwise.

I am selling other things like AIOs and wool see my complete listing here:

SBish fitted size L - 6ppd or 22ppd for all 4
Well loved, these were our bulletproof night diapers. Wear along the edges and elastic, see photos for holes and wear. Elastic is still strong however and these have lots of life left if you don't mind the wear.

Clover Organic Fitteds size M - 8ppd
These are in perfect condition except one of left has light staining which could be sunned out. They have adjustable and replaceable buttonhole elastic so these fit awesome. These are the t-fitted (cotton interlock) style but I am including a clover organic cotton terry/velour doubler with each diaper. Clover has went out of business recently, but these are super high quality and were made in Ohio.

Bamboo velour WAHM one size fitteds - 6ppd or 25ppd for all 5
These were a custom for DS and are super cute. Have some minor wear on outside edges of cotton prints and velour has thinned out on some of the leg elastic areas but have lots of life left. Elastic still strong. These are bamboo fleece on inside, bamboo velour touching skin, and cotton prints on outside. Comic diaper has noticeable wear, see photos.

Comic snaps, Dr Seuss Thing 1/Thing 2 snappiable, Mario/Yoshi snappiable, bunny snaps, owl snaps

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