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gehagge 09-14-2012 09:18 AM

padfolded flats vs microfiber inserts
I use cheapie pockets (Kawaii, alva, giggle life) at daycare and flips at home. This school year my sitter has been having some issues with leaking mostly when my DD is wearing onesies, but I noticed yesterday when I picked her up her diaper was starting to wick out the legs and she wasn't wearing a onesie. I know part of it is that she's not changing her quite often enough, but we also didn't have this problem last year, and I'm guessing she changes her just as much as she did last year. I sort of think my DD is just wetting a lot more because I change her quite often at home and often the legs of the flip covers are wet (I generally use the stay dry inserts) even after one pee. In the pockets, I use one microfiber insert and a hemp babies doubler.

I'm planning on trying anyway, but I was wondering if there were thoughts on if padfolded flats--I'd probably use larges--would be more absorbent/have less wicking than the microfiber. I know the microfiber isn't repelling as the inserts are WET when I take off the pockets from daycare or take them out of the wetbag. The same is true of my stay dry inserts. I really don't want to double stuff the pockets with microfiber as that's more bulky than I like. I have tried to tell our sitter that she needs changed more often and I think she did take that to heart, but like I said it happens at home sometimes even after one pee. Thoughts? Thank you! :goodvibes:

kelly679 09-14-2012 09:41 AM

Re: padfolded flats vs microfiber inserts
My flour sack towel flats can hold the kids for about an hour. Doubled micro fiber holds for longer. My favorite is a padfolded prefold, but that does have bulk. If you really want trim and absorbent then I would look at hemp or bamboo. My one hemp flat is very absorbent in the pocket dipes.

SammieZ 09-14-2012 12:38 PM

Re: padfolded flats vs microfiber inserts
I can't put microfiber in my pockets, either because of compression leaks. Maybe try padfolded flats or a hemp like PP said?

shannychi 09-14-2012 02:47 PM

Re: padfolded flats vs microfiber inserts
I only use padfolded flats in my pockets (and in Grovia covers for the record). I have swaddlebees, osocozy - unbleached and unbleached organic, hempbabies, and some bamboo terry flats I made and hemp/bamboo fleece flats that I made. I love them. I never use MF. No issues with compression wetting, last a LONG time and come completely clean easily and dry in about 10 minutes in the sun. So easy to fold and stuff, if you're concerned. :)

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