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Dani_Phen 09-16-2012 06:47 AM

Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
Hey Mama's!! What are you all up to this week? What do you all have planned?

I personally would like to say:


:lostit::giggle: I feel so free!! I stood up and I walked away. I told her all the nasty things she's ever done to me. I told her I won't take her crap anymore. I told her that when she calls and tries to manipulate, complain, degrade, or anything that I will, simply, hang up. I told her not to expect me to change my plans or life to please her anymore. I told her that I'll talk when she feels like playing nice but I will tell her "how it is" about things and I won't play her games anymore. :goodvibes:

This week I am canning lima beans and making more salsa. I also have an appointment with my OB for a pregnancy test...I got two light positives and the rest were negative since....if the one they do is negative they will do a blood test and if that's also negative, we start a round of provera.


Originally Posted by chloecat (Post 15675382)
i picked up 60lbs of apples yesterday at the bent & dent store $0.39 a pound. so today i'm making apples!! and hopefully painting the ceiling in my new kitchen!!

oh and my baby wants me to make her a piggy costume for halloween. so i need to start on that. and i have to make a rainbow bright costume for a friend of mine. she brought me all the stuff. now i just need to get it done!! not enough hours in the day!

I have a trip planned there after my appt thursday since I'll be out that way anyway. Dh said I ought to just run out there that's the plan. :) I found Ds a pumpkin costume at a thrift store this week and it needs mended on one side so that's on the list too for me...but not high priority yet! ;) How's the kitchen coming?

mamajoe 09-16-2012 06:02 PM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
Congrats dani! I'm sure that was an incredibly hard thing, but you'll feel much better. (i can sympathize, i've cut my dad off competely cause i cannot stand up to him and his guilt trips and i can't stand to live it.).

Cherry coconut muffins cooling on the rack :drool: last batch of salsa on the stove ready to go, pears on the counter ripening for the canner and then i'm done :lostit: i'm so exhausted and ready to be done! I will do some tomato sauce, but the tomaotes are a long way from being ready. Frost here now most nights so the garden is done! My seeds for next year have arrived and its time to start planning my raised beds and layout. That should be fun!

mamajoe 09-17-2012 03:27 PM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
Well today started out crappy (got a phone call my grandma is dying. It is not unexpected. Dr figures a couple of days, in a way it is a little bit of a relief, she has severe dementia, severe pain and is mostly sedated - she would never want to live like this and her quality of life really sucks, but we as a family do not want to lose her. )

Then i headed into town nd got the mail. Happy mail day!
My seeds are here as are my books.

Okay ... Off to get supper started (no wind today, so think steak and potatoes on the bbq is in order!), check to see if the pears are ready to go (last thing to can -happy dance! ) and maybe a little house cleaning? My ambition is a little low the last week and i'm enjoying sitting around for the first time in months!

Eta: this is my first time getting my own seed. So seems like a lot, but there is enought there to last me 3-4 years. I wanted to try a few varieties and 50 of each seed is WAY more than i need, but its how it comes, lol.

chloecat 09-17-2012 05:16 PM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
kitchen is coming along. good for you dani on standing up to your mom. she needed to know you mean business!

we have 2 weeks to finish all the "stuff" that needs done and then the house gets listed. oh boy oh boy. do i have some work to do!! i won't be on here much cause i'm trying to clean/can/sew/cook/more cleaning and sorting stuff for keep and toss piles. it's daunting. but giving myself a goal of 2 weeks will help keep me on track!

i leave for a quick trip to see my mama on 10-4 it's her 50th birthday and her hubby is planning a suprise birthday party. so i'm hopping on a plane at 5am and flying from pa to arizona!! yipee me. but i'll be there at 10am and have the whole weekend with them and come home sunday morning.

anyways, gonna go finish barn chores and maybe get some sewing done for the night before my hubby gets home from training. talk to you all later

Dani_Phen 09-17-2012 08:18 PM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
Mamajoe-Thanks! It does feel better to have more control now. :)
I'll be thinking about your family and praying for you!! :hugs: It's incredibly hard to go through.

We get our own seed from a fairly local seed company...still have to order it through a catalogue though. I'm in charge this coming year of what gets planted and not. I'm not going to order seeds until late fall/early winter...If we get preggo with this round of provera I'll be due this coming summer during peak time of canning season so I can imagine I'll want to take it easy this coming summer if that's the case. By then I'm hoping to have made more local friends that can help out with Ds though...if not I'm probably going to move my sister in with me for a month before she goes back to college. ;) With Ds I was so out of the loop though for the first month (during the peak canning season) that I totally missed canning anything BUT asparagus and applesauce! LOL. I sometimes wonder how the "old folks" used to get things done!!

Meagan- Thanks!!
Good luck with getting your house back in order!! If you need any help packing or moving or anything just let me know!! I'm close enough that I can help you out if you need it. :)

Dani_Phen 09-17-2012 08:29 PM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
I was given another box of apples today while we were visiting the home farm and Dh's co worker gave him a grocery bag full from a local orchard so tomorrow we are making more applesauce and Dh requested a pie. I have more peppers to can and lima beans to finish. I promised myself the bathroom is getting cleaned tomorrow. It's been about 4 days but it needs it again...thanks to a toddler and the big man. :giggle: I need to run to town tomorrow morning and get my brother's birthday present and find something for my pap's birthday. Tomorrow night we are having a birthday dinner in a town about 45min-1hour away. Celebrating 3 birthdays- my Pap (today), mine and my brother's(both tomorrow). My brother is 7 years younger than me to the day. :) We are going to Golden Carrale since it's pap's favorite. My parents, mom's parents, dad's parents, my bro and our family of 3 are going. My sis is in college, 8 hours away, and won't be there. :( She's been gone since friday morning and I miss her sooo bad already.

Tomorrow is a busy busy day...really this week will be busy again!! Last week was too. Bleh!!

Dani_Phen 09-21-2012 06:52 AM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
How's everyone doing?

I got a big bag of cabbages yesterday for 30 cents a head and 12 decent sized zucchinis for 25ish cents a piece at farmers markets and some cucumbers. I went to the amish market...BB's and got some snack foods but not much else. Also took Ds to a pumpkin patch and he got a big pumpkin for carving...two little ones that we *might* carve and a whole bag of gordes so we can decorate. OB appt went ok. Gotta go for more bloodwork and an ultrasound...then I start meds. She diagnosed me with second hand infertility and said that getting pregnant with Ds was a miracle.

This afternoon, I'll be chopping and freezing zucchinis, canning cabbage and possibly canning red potatoes. I'm taking Ds to the farmers market up the road this morning to see what they have for tomatoes...didn't have quite as much as I hoped before they all died. When we get back I need to bake something for Dh (thinking muffins and/or pie) then get started on canning. Tonight we are having my own form of Cajun chicken, seafood, and veggie stew in the crockpot for Dinner, leftover wings and sweet potatoes. I can't wait. So yummy. lol!

chloecat 09-21-2012 08:36 AM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
you sound so busy dani. good luck with your to do lists!!

today i have to ---

stain the trim that needs to be put up this weekend in my kitchen.
spray paint the light fixture for the hall bathroom
caulk the hall bath tub and toilet
finish detailing the master bed and bath and get pics of it clean and finished for the home listing

if i get all that done, i need to work on a sewing project for a friend. halloween costume with some horrible fabric that i'm dreading working with! lol

drabekgirl 09-22-2012 03:29 PM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
I'm making my apples into crockpot apple butter. I just don't have time to deal with saucing them. And I hurt my wrist 6wks ago and its not better yet. Twisting things hurts it.

frost hit hit this week and further North snow fell last night. A bad wind storm on Wed caused our pear tree become severed from the roots. Last year someone got too close to it with the lawn mower and caused damage to the trunk. We had only planted it 8 years ago and never once got a pear off of it. 3 years ago we planted another pear to cross pollinate it, it died above the graft.

My freezer is filled to the brim and I still need to dice this years celery and put it into the freezer.

We also need to gather firewood and get rid of the last of our chicken feed and chickens (3 old laying hens). We lost one chicken to a hawk early this month.

chloecat 09-24-2012 05:59 AM

Re: Farmin/Homesteading weekly chat September 16th-22nd
i think we need to just do a monthly thread instead of a weekly one. we're just not super busy talkers!!

hoping to get the cabinets painted today and i have a friend coming to visit too. i got the floor finished this weekend. and my husband put up most of the trim work. i think my the weekend all our projects might be complete and i can concentrate on cleaning. we list the house on oct 8th, so i really need to get this stuff moving along!!

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