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umphreysmommy 09-17-2012 08:30 AM

For those with kids in dance
Signed up my daughter who will be 3 in December for a "creative movement" dance class. The class seems great and she is having lots of fun but the parents are out here watching last years recital video and that is where my problem is. I notice the very young kids in the show dancing to "pop" songs. I don't know the songs so can't speak to their content but really just don't even like the moves etc. I feel they are too sexy and grown up for preschoolers. Why don't they just do classical songs with more ballet type movements? Is this super common? I know as they get older you can direct which class you choose (ballet, tap, hip hop, etc) but wouldn't the youngest kids be working on more classical dances?

canadianbakers 09-17-2012 08:53 AM

Re: For those with kids in dance
My kids used to be in dance, started at 2-3yrs in the same class - "creative movement". At that age, they usually did one tap dance (faster song) and one ballet (slower song), both songs would be kid-appropraite, usually something like a nursery rhyme in song or something from a kids' singer.
The older kids/classes, though, will choose pop songs for their tap/jazz. Better to stick with ballet classes at that point if you don't want that type of music being used for her.

my2sweets 09-17-2012 09:35 AM

Its seems to be the norm around here. Its one of the reasons dd1 will be in a ballet only class.

SaraElise 09-17-2012 09:44 AM

Re: For those with kids in dance
Yes is is common now unfortunately.

It really depends on the studio, if you want classical ballet, I would look for a studio that doesn't offer a million different kinds of dance. The less offered, the more the teachers and students specialize in those areas instead of a little of this and a little of that.

The studio I went to growing up was amazing, they had a preprofessional ballet company, modern was also offered, but it was mainly ballet, always a classical ballet recital, very focused and traditional.

I teach ballet now at at studio that offers a lot, in fact students can't even take just ballet until they are 8 or 9, before then they are all combo classes, ballet, tap and jazz. They have a competitive company, so the focus is not ballet at all, the recital pieces use lots of popular music.

I love the owner and the other teachers at the studio, they aren't quite as "showy" as some other studios I see, but I still sort of wish there could be more of a focus on classical ballet than there is. Since I teach ballet, I just do my best to bring that sort of classical discipline to my classes, and usually choose much more traditional music for my pieces.

Fashionably Green Baby 09-17-2012 09:59 AM

They probably do creative movement at that age because ballet is incredibly boring while you are learning the basics. Sorry but it is. I took ballet as a young kid. My dd did dance for a year and they did tap and ballet to kids and classical songs but dd was bored so we only did he year. She would probably enjoy it now at 7 but at 3 it bored her.

jac1976 09-17-2012 01:38 PM

Re: For those with kids in dance
Here the norm for 3-5 year olds is a "pre-dance" class. They do a bit of ballet, tap, and tumbling in each class. My DD's recital piece ended up being a tap number set to Mary Poppins. You may want to look around at other dance studios in your area.

millermom1110 09-17-2012 01:53 PM

Re: For those with kids in dance
I danced for years growing up and so everyone assumes that I'll also be putting my daughter in dance. I'm undecided right now for the same reasons that you're concerned...and secretly I'm hoping that she chooses on her own to do karate with her brothers so that we can avoid the whole struggle. I agree with suggestions to find a more classical ballet studio. It's an entirely different environment. I took my ballet classes at an outside studio that was very traditional and I'd be much more comfortable taking my daughter there than I would at what I consider my "home" studio. If that's not an option, bring your concerns up to the teacher/studio owner. My tap, jazz, and lyrical teachers were very lax with the songs and costumes that they chose for their classes, but when/if a parent spoke up and voiced concern, they always respected them and made appropriate changes or at least tried to compromise. I also find that sticking with tap is safer when it comes to music and costumes. In this scenario, you'll still have to worry about recital time, though, when she sees all of the "big girls" doing their routines in the sexy costumes and all.

Ballet *can* be boring for littles...but I think that depends more on the teacher than on ballet itself. I personally loved it.

escapethevillage 09-17-2012 01:57 PM

Re: For those with kids in dance
It is common...but, it depends on the studio. We were in one studio where the songs were not age appropriate, and as she got older the dance moves were not appropriate either. At first they just stand on stage and move one foot while lifting their arms and looking cute.

We left the studio with inappropriate moves and songs, then went to one where they did songs like "bumble bee" and "Green acres". Even the questionable songs weren't bad.

The owner left and the teachers took over the studio when my daughter was 17 (she'd been there 11 yrs by then) and they had the 9-11 yr olds dance to a Nickleback song "Something in your mouth" at the recital. I was FLOORED. She did the recital, and we gave our notice that night.

umphreysmommy 09-17-2012 03:35 PM

Thanks all! I might just bring it up close to recital time that I hope they do a kids song. I doubt it would be something we do long term as I would rather them play sports she is just too young for organized sports but thought this would be fun. I get that a full ballet class is too old for her I just don't get why for the performances more classical songs (even show tubes or nursery rhymes) aren't used as opposed to pop songs for 3 year olds.

EmilytheStrange 09-17-2012 03:42 PM

Re: For those with kids in dance
DD is hopefully going into her first dance class soon. Ballet starts at 4 here, so it'll be the mixed part.

I would not not not not allow her to dance suggestively to an innappropriate song. I wouldn't even feel bad about contacting the director and asking, in advance, if they had chosen their recital songs yet.

It's going to get harder. Everything is so suggestive now. I feel horrible for kids that they're inundated with it when they don't even understand it. What kind of adult thinks it's cute for kids to do those things? I don't get it.

I will be a stick in the mud. I can't help it.

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