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katykat 09-17-2012 12:55 PM

implantation spotting?
Hi Ladies
I'm new to this site so excuse my lack of appropriate acronyms and such. I should have gotten AF yesterday- day 32 or so (today is day 33 of my cycle). On day 29 (I think it was 9-10 days post O) I noticed very faint spotting. Every day since then (this would be the 5th day) I've had spotting. Enough that I need a liner, but definitely not my period. Brownish/reddish sometimes clumpy (TMI!!). I feel crampy and really really emotional. I swear I smell more but it could be my imagination/wishful thinking. I POAS this AM- not the first pee and fairly soon after it actually. At first I thought it was positive but it was basically the faintest of faint and in the kitchen light didn't look positive. I already took the trash out so no pics. My son is sleeping so I can't go get another test!!
Anyway, I'm hopeful it's implantation cause I'm scared that if it's not then it's endo, which I had before having my son. Anyone else have implantation that lasted this long? Is day 33 too early to test? Could it have been false negative since I'd just peed maybe an hour earlier?

tabitha84 09-17-2012 01:42 PM

Re: implantation spotting?
I am having spotting from 12-15dpo and no AF or BFP (big fat positive). So I have been searching for the same thing. I can tell you that I've read many forum posts from mamas who have had spotting before and/or after their BFP and mamas who didn't get a
BFP until 18dpo or later. Good luck!

katykat 09-18-2012 11:31 AM

Re: implantation spotting?
Bummer. AF showed up in the middle of the night in rare form. So now I wonder what the heck 5 days of spotting preAF was about. Great. Time to see the doc.

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