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coffeemama 09-17-2012 06:46 PM

PLease Delete
-BG OS Pocket 4.0
-Charlie Banana medium GC
-Amazon GC or code
-Barnes and Noble GC
-cast iron pans (will trade more to help cover shipping) will take ones that need to be reconditioned but nothing w/ holes or divits up to new condition
-good quality medium cookie scoop
-Caribou Coffee gift cards
-Tupperware that is either the rectangular or super oval stackables
-Joel Osteen books try me on titles or audio books
-Link my to your IHA (am picky but will look)


-Greenline wales cover

-Ragababe medium green AIO snap converted w/ black snaps TV $24

-3 BabyKicks OS pocket (black side snaps, white and green velcro converted to side snaps)


-JuJuBe BeAll in Groovy Garden print TV$50


-Royal Buns medium embroidered soaker in GUC staining inner and a bit outer all in the crotch aread also a tiny hole $12ppd

-small knit Skirty set w/ a matching (cotton I believe) Me's Makings top in VGUC -$35ppd

-0-6 month wool slippers $15ppd


-small cotton flats mixture of GMD and Osocozy

-GN Hot Air Balloon cart/high chair cover

-red/black flame babylegs

-NB Xmas Oooga Gown $15ppd VGUC

-Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover hardback $15ppd TV and I also may have the workbook too as we havent used it yet

-NB/Small knit hats girly and boyish TV $10ppd each

-3-6 month Chili Pepper Halloween Costume

-Hardcover Book-No Wonder My Parents Drank-Jay Mohr

-6 Homemade babyfood trays

-2 XL Motherhood Maternity shirts-washed never worn

daisies916 09-17-2012 08:33 PM

Re: Huge Destash ISO/IHA 9/17/12
Hi! What are the measurements on the pink and blue small longies? Are there specific Osteen titles you are looking for? Thanks! :)

coffeemama 09-17-2012 08:36 PM

Re: Huge Destash ISO/IHA 9/17/12
Any books other then Every Day A Friday. I can get the measurements when I get home tomorrow night:thumbsup:

daisies916 09-18-2012 12:31 AM

Re: Huge Destash ISO/IHA 9/17/12
Thank you!! I'll check on Osteen titles, too. :)

coffeemama 09-18-2012 08:36 PM

Re: IHA:Wool,Flats,BSRB,GM,SS,BummisV3,BG4.0,ME,Flip,C apri,etc
BUMP for added

coffeemama 09-18-2012 09:22 PM

Re: IHA:Wool,Flats,BSRB,GM,SS,BummisV3,BG4.0,ME,Flip,C apri,etc
pink/blue are inseam-6.25,rise-14.5,waist-14

coffeemama 09-19-2012 07:00 PM

Re: IHA:Wool,Flats,BSRB,GM,SS,BummisV3,BG4.0,ME,Flip,C apri,etc

hollyecat 09-19-2012 09:19 PM

Re: IHA:Wool,Flats,BSRB,GM,SS,BummisV3,BG4.0,ME,Flip,C apri,etc
Oh... I love your small girly knits. I'm ISO of that almost exactly. I don't have any of your specifics, but take a look at my ISO/IHA if you would like. I may consider pp for the knits if there's nothing of interest to you in my IHA. Love your siggy btw. :giggle:

coffeemama 09-20-2012 08:21 PM

Re: IHA:Wool,Flats,BSRB,GM,SS,BummisV3,BG4.0,ME,Flip,C apri,etc
PM'd ya back :thumbsup:

beansie19 09-22-2012 06:27 PM

Re: IHA:BGE,Wool,Flats,BSRB,GM,SS,BG4.0,ME,Flip,Capri, etc
Do you still have the flips inserts?

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