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NFPMommy6709 09-18-2012 10:11 PM

Considering the WAHM world...
Hi ladies. :)

I am considering becoming a WAHM. Right now money is pretty tight and I would love to help out in a way that is natural to me. The most natural route would be to get work doing freelance editing and writing, but since I have bo degree the pay for that lone of work isn't too hot. I really enjoy doing crafts and I made a couple of mums and t-shirts in high school and was considering starting a small WAHM business selling homecoming mums, graduations gifts, back to school care packages, etc. pretty much anything concerning school that doesn't require sewing. Lol*

Could any of you offer advice? This concept is completely new to me and I am not sure where to start. Should I do online or local selling, or both? Should I keep lower prices in the beginning in order to gain business? DH is really the entrepreneurial mind between the two of us, but I really want to contribute in more ways than just saving money. :)

Thanks :)

MomMe3 09-25-2012 12:48 PM

Re: Considering the WAHM world...
I'm trying my hand at freelance writing as well as trying to selling things on eBay, and (hopefully) babysitting another child part-time in order to become a WAHM.

I tried to start an accessories business and it was REALLY hard and really did not make any money upfront but did require initial investment. Ultimately, I was not able to sustain it without money to put back into the business and while working full-time outside the home.

My advice is to do both local selling and online selling. Set your price at the rates that you will want them to be. Research the cost of similar products and price your stuff in that range. Don't short change yourself! You don't want to get people in with low prices and then jack up the rates - that could cost you business! Research craft fairs and homeschool fairs in your area. Network with moms you know and let them know what products you offer. Network with local schools and preschools letting them know what you offer.

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