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huntressxx 09-19-2012 07:33 PM

Birth Control
My husband seems to be in lala land and doesn't want to use bc and just let whatever happen happen. But we would really like a girl so we want to try those methods so I want this baby to be planned. We've never had an oops and I'd rather not... I'm a planner. So

What do you do for birth control that doesn't affect supply??? And doesn't mess with the system too bad

Lolobug 09-19-2012 07:51 PM

I use the Nuva ring and am very happy with it. It's once a month, easy to use and remember. You never even know its in! I'm not 100% sure that it doesn't effect supply but we haven't had any issues. GL to you!

l_Kimmie_l 09-20-2012 08:42 AM

Re: Birth Control
Paragaurd is what I did after DS3. Worked well and I never knew it was in there. I really liked it.

dani_p 09-20-2012 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l
Paragaurd is what I did after DS3. Worked well and I never knew it was in there. I really liked it.

I second that! Paraguard is non-hormonal and pretty much the greatest thing ever. Won't mess with your supply or fertility. I had one for five years and got pregnant two months after taking it out. Only side effect I noticed was heavier periods.

MommaPickerill 09-20-2012 10:04 AM

Re: Birth Control
I have no idea what I am going to get on..I am guessing the minipill but I am going to have to get the pill app on my iphone so that I can take it at the same time everyday or I WILL forget!

hopeangelmomof5 09-22-2012 11:43 AM

Re: Birth Control
We're doing what your husband wants to do. :) Nothing!

Kt1020 09-22-2012 01:32 PM

Re: Birth Control
We are using barrier methods. I've never been a fan of hormonal bc though. Pretty sure we'd be ok to use nothing though.

cmamalis 09-24-2012 02:52 PM

Re: Birth Control
I have had the Mirena IUD after each child. Very low hormones and doesn't affect my supply at all. Even though Paraguard is non-hormonal, I didn't like the idea that it makes periods heavier since I already suffer from heavy periods. With the Mirena I bleed only enough to wear a panty liner for a couple days every month. After having my first removed my cycles came back immediately

1healthylady 09-24-2012 03:29 PM

I'm getting fitted for a diaphragm or the femcap in a few weeks, just haven't settled on which one yet. We'll be using the Fertility Awareness Method, which may get a little tricky with BFing, just need the barrier method for fertile times.

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huntressxx 09-24-2012 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by hopeangelmomof5
We're doing what your husband wants to do. :) Nothing!

Oh my heart screams to do that but my head says no. I may of had a perfect pregnancy/ natural labour / natural birth this time but my first I had hypermesis and premature birth. I want my body to heal in case my next time isn't as smooth. If I don't let my body replenish (especially since I nursed my son till the month I got pregnant with ds2) and I get hypermesis it's gonna be worse and likely be premature

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