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Shalom 09-20-2012 03:45 PM

FuzziBunz --New and Used! Petite Toddler/XS/Large- Added More!
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All come from a non-smoking home with dogs (and there will probably be dog hair on the diapers, but these should be washed before use anyways because they have been in storage). They all come with inserts unless otherwise noted, however I'm not sure if the inserts are true FB or original inserts. THey are all the old-style FB with pointy tabs unless noted. I haven't looked over them super closely so if you need additional information on condition/minor imperfections/stains, etc please tell me what diapers you are interested and that you need more information on their condition before agreeing to buy from me. I prefer to sell at least two diapers at a time to make it worth it. PM me with your email address for pictures of the diapers not shown. I have the following:

(1)NEW FB XS in dark pink (like a BG Zinnia color) $13 ppd to lower 48
(1) USED pastel yellow FB XS Shell only (no inserts) Second quality because the FB tag was sewn on a little too far over (doesn't affect function). Snaps and elastic appear to be good. $5ppd to the lower 48

I have 8 fuzzibunz size petite for sale. All have an insert, not sure if it is the original, but it does the job. THese are fabulous colors and I wish I could have used them, but it didn't work out. Some have some very very light or shadow staining. I can't really see any stains in my dimly lighted house, but I think I remember a couple had some. Leg elastic is loose and unless your LO is on the bigger side of the skinny scale, you may want to replace. One of the maroon colored ones has shot BACK elastic (on the top back part of the diaper). PM me and let me know if you need further details and are super sensitive with minor imperfections before you buy (I don't think these had any, but I didn't look at them super duper close in a bright light for any tiny imperfections. $7.50 each (sold in min of two at a time), or all eight for $50ppd to the lower 48.

One lonely and well loved Large FB in a super pastel pinkish or creamy color. I had a friend replace the elastic on this for me, but I never ended up using it and the rest of the larges sold in another lot already. $7ppd to the lower 48.

SOLD BELOW THIS LINE___________________________________________

I have 18 small fuzzibunz for sale. Each come with an insert (not sure if it was the original or not). Some of these are seconds, but I'm not sure why. I never used these, but they look good except for loose elastic. The yellow one has pretty good elastic. Some have stains. $7.50 each ($9 for the yellow) sold in sets of two or more...or all 18 for $125ppd to the lower 48. PM me if you are concerned about minor blemishes or marks that don't affect function. Non-smoking home; dog-friendly. SOLD

(3)[B]NEW FB Smalls [/B]in blue, brown, and dark pink $13each ppd to lower 48 SEE BELOW IN THE BUMPS (#15) FOR PICS OF THESE NEW ONES SOLD

Mediums- (6) mediums...(2) of which are only the shells (no inserts) and they are the new style, but they are delaminating. Not sure if the company would replace under warranty or not. I never used these, but I HAVE used a rumparooz that delaminated like this and I had no's just the pul film isn't adhearing to the fabric, but it usually still creates a waterproof barrier, but I can't promise anything. Buy at your own risk. 2 new style shells (periwinkle color) that are delaminating $5ppd for both to the lower 48 (basically FFS).
The other (4) mediums are in good shape and the elastic seems to be ok, but is probably looser than new. Colors (my description of them) are: Dark/deep green, periwinkle, light purple, light pastel blue/aqua$9ppd each to the lower 48. SOLD

(6) One Size FB EUC....the elastics might need to be replaced on some just from sitting in storage, but I have some extra elastic and there is no sewing to replace the's just buttoning the button on the elastic like a regular button on a piece of clothing. These weren't used very much. They each come with two inserts. I have a light pastel yellow, deep primary yellow, orange, lime green, red, and a ultra pastel blue color (my color descriptions, not FB color names). Some have very light shadow staining. THe blueish one has the most staining, although it's very light. $11ppd each to the lower 48. SOLD

PM me with interest. :goodvibes:

Shalom 09-21-2012 03:50 PM

Re: FuzziBunz --Small & Petite Toddler

sharley 09-21-2012 04:34 PM

Weight for petite?

Shalom 09-21-2012 05:13 PM

Re: FuzziBunz --Small & Petite Toddler
According to the sizing chart online..... petites fit toddlers 20-30 pounds, 12+ months old, Thigh is 9-12 inches, rise is 16 inches. Basically, it's a skinny toddler who fits in mediums, but needs a longer rise.

Shalom 09-23-2012 09:05 PM

Re: FuzziBunz --Small & Petite Toddler

Lizicles 09-23-2012 10:27 PM

Re: FuzziBunz --Small & Petite Toddler
I would like to buy all 18 small fuzzibunz if they are still available.

Shalom 09-24-2012 07:53 PM

Re: FuzziBunz --Small & Petite Toddler
I will sell them all to you if you can Pm me and paypal me by tomorrow afternoon, otherwise I will split for another person locally.

Lizicles 09-24-2012 08:17 PM

Re: FuzziBunz --Small & Petite Toddler
ok. What does Pm mean?

Shalom 09-24-2012 08:43 PM

Re: FuzziBunz --Small & Petite Toddler
Nevermind.....what is your email address and I'll email you my paypal address

Lizicles 09-25-2012 01:13 PM

Re: FuzziBunz --Small & Petite Toddler

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