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lynn97 09-20-2012 11:26 PM

Name Your Favorite NB Carrier
As the title says :-)

I tried a Moby wrap when DS was tiny but i really disliked it. It just seemed like WAY too much material for me. What did you ladies love?

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L&MsMamma 09-20-2012 11:39 PM

Beco butterfly II!!!

AK_Jenn 09-20-2012 11:43 PM

Re: Name Your Favorite NB Carrier
I tried the:
Baby Bjorn
Moby Wrap
Baby Balboa

Out of those 4 I like the Ergo the best but after my son started to hold up his head, we bought an Osprey Poco Plus hiking backpack from REI and it's the best carrier. I sold all the others and just use this one now. I love it at the grocery store because he loves being up high and I have both hands.

The only draw back is that he sometimes pulls my hair.

kannondicarpo 09-20-2012 11:57 PM

Re: Name Your Favorite NB Carrier
For my newbies I LOVE my short Ring Sling. There's not too much fabric and I can pull them super high on my chest. :loveit:

Dancy Baby 09-21-2012 06:35 AM

I second a ring sling, then a Moby. Some SSC are good for larger newborns, my ds hated the infant insert in the BB2 but had an easier time in the Gemini at around 6 weeks old, and that's super comfy and fast to put on!

MamatoGreta 09-21-2012 11:09 AM

Re: Name Your Favorite NB Carrier
Loved my maya wrap ring sling. So delightful to have the padded shoulder, baby nice and high on my chest, extra material for windy trips into the store or nursing, and a pocket too for my keys and wallet. Nothing compared to that carrier in the early days.

MonkeyBean415 09-21-2012 11:38 AM

Re: Name Your Favorite NB Carrier
My favorites are woven wraps but if you didn't like the moby you might not like wovens either. You could try a shorter size. Maybe a 4 which is 3.7m long. Bamboo is especially squishy for newborns!

Just Ducky 09-22-2012 10:53 AM

Re: Name Your Favorite NB Carrier
I loved my Ergo while my DS was still little.


Originally Posted by AK_Jenn (Post 15710934)
The only draw back is that he sometimes pulls my hair.

I hate that! When my son rides in my Deuter he does that to me, too. But the hair pulling bugs me a lot less than occasionally being beaned upside the head with a bottle. And of course we use stainless steel. :gah: Thankfully, he seems to have outgrown that for the most part.

Junipervt 09-22-2012 03:32 PM

Re: Name Your Favorite NB Carrier
I had a moby I used for my nanny babes & DD, but right before DS was born a friend gave me her Chunei. I loved it for him when he was a nb. I could bend over to help my toddler DD w/ things w/o having to worry about his head flopping out. & it was super comfortable & really easy to get on.

lalaith 09-22-2012 06:44 PM

Stretchy wrap. I also have a stretch-hybrid that I liked FCC.

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