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momma4of6 09-26-2012 12:50 PM

Dryer balls; GREAT CHRISTMAS gifts!!! Order NoW!!!
Want to save money? Dryer balls have proven to shave off up to 25 percent of your drying time.....small investment will save you monthly on your electric bill....get some dryer ball:thumbsup:

shipping is; (includes dc, insurance is extra)
One set=2.50 (first class)
2 sets= 3.85 (first class)
3-4 sets= 5.10 (priority)
5 or more sets; choice of priority or parcel
you may upgrade any to priority

Each one made with love and care:thumbsup:

I take pp, or wepay, please pm to order:thumbsup:

*smoke free home*


DISCOUNTS on orders of 10 sets of more

Regular prices;

Regular sizes; these are 10 inches preshrunk; I happily make custom sizes

100 percent wool $9 for a set 2
budget balls $7 for a set of 2 (core is cotton/acrylic, then rolled with wool yarn; no noticeable difference between all wool)

FREE scent!!!
Scent choices vary, Ask for my current list, or ask for your favorite and I will get it, if I can :thumbsup:)

How are these different from other dryer balls?

I make my dryer balls different than most. They are made with a knitted cover to help them from unrolling. These dryer balls are first rolled into balls with yarn. Then are rolled with wool yarn and felted. The wool in the balls make them shrink as they felt; making a denser dryer ball. Next I knit up a cover, sew it on, and shrink the covers over the balls. I measure each ball prior to felting (preshrunk sizes listed below). The finished balls will be approximately an inch smaller then they are to start. Budget balls are made the same, but the core is from acrylic/cotton yarn (works as well as the all wool)

What are dryer balls?

They are used in place of fabric softeners / fabric sheets, as a ‘green’ alternative As the dryer balls roll around in your dryer with your clothes they allow more air to circulate; drying the clothes more quickly. As well as softening them as they dry. Dryer balls are a great energy saver, as they cut down your drying time. It has been reported (and tested) that these dryer balls cut your drying time as much as 25 percent.

What kind of upkeep is required?

None, just keep them in your laundry room, and throw in the dryer any time you want to use them. They can be dried on any heat setting. If they get dirty and need to be washed, just throw in your washing machine (any cycle, and temp) and wash.

I have heavily felted them for you, but since they have wool, they will continue to get tighter, through use. But are designed to have a long life

What are the sizes?

Medium, 10 inches preshrunk, just over 9 inches once felted (sold in a set of 2)

How many to use?

You will see a difference with as few as 2. However I recommend 4-6 to see the full benefits.

How long will the scent last?
It will last a few weeks; or more depending on your usage. The more often it is used, the quicker you will lose the scent .

Can I re scent?
Yes; you may scent with any fragrance, or essential oils. For an easy way to scent, just use an old medicine dropper and SLOWLY drop some oils on the top.. let it sit for a little while to soak in….

Past dryer balls


momma4of6 11-08-2012 05:49 PM

Re: Dryer balls; save monthly on your electric bill (-:

momma4of6 12-02-2012 09:05 PM

Re: Dryer balls; GREAT CHRISTMAS gifts!!! Order NoW!!!
Order now, and these can ship in time for Christmas (:

momma_pea 01-04-2013 10:46 PM

What scents are available?

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