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Mrs.Os 09-27-2012 11:52 AM

Many questions
So I have a number of questions. I grew up rural and we did a lot. Now were looking to get back to that with goal being a new home on a few acres so we can have a yard for kids, a dig pen lol and still enough space for a fair size garden we want one of those cool rain collection waters ;) and a pasture for a half dozen female goats and a small barn and a large chicken coup/ yard that can comfortably house at least a dozen hens for egg laying. We hope to have the house on a well and septic system and solar panels and wood or coal burning stove for heat and a deep freezer for storing meat if we get a deer or buy a large portion of cow and a small generator to back up the freezer and other necessities. We want to be in either nys or pa and have a low ish income but ends meet :) we want to be moved in the latest 9 months but at anytime but that's beside the time. A famy member recently bought an Amish home in mt which got me thinking maybe I could do this with a property that's off the grid, we are homeschoolers and don't do tv and use such a small amount of electricity we may be ok with just panels And a generator and wood heat? I am good at haring canning freezing and stretching $ ! What do you think and where does one get a home like that in my area under say 100000? What else kind of advice do you have for us?! From how much your chickens cost how much to feed them and where you get your feed, how you built your coup or barn ( which may be one building for us separated in some way) how much do you spend/ save gardening yearly and how much and what is your yeild? How much land do you use? Has anyone lived off the grid? How much do you spend on heat and fuel and how have solar panels worked out for you? ( not super sunny here) all feedback is greatly appreciated we have been living in a neighborhood 8 years and it's not what we want. This isn't a foreign idea for us and we've been praying on it a while we just don't have a lot of informed friends. We feel if we could find a place this inter or spring while dh finishes a class up we could be getting things together spring/ summer slowly and in a few years have all the animals ;)

chloecat 09-27-2012 05:44 PM

Re: Many questions
hi mama, i'm in south central pa in a very rural area around lots of amish. we are getting ready to list our home for sale next month and it has almost 3 acres, a barn, fenced pasture. 2500sq foot house built in 1998. we will be listing at $285,000. that's actually very cheap for around here cause we are in the rural most area and could charge double that if we lived 15 miles closer to town. anyways, just thought i'd throw that out there for cost comparison.

Mrs.Os 09-27-2012 07:28 PM

Re: Many questions
That's really good to know thank you, our are is kinda confusing as far as housing goes there's a huge gap in pricing so it's great to see wha things are going for in that direction.

igotmywings 09-27-2012 08:06 PM

Re: Many questions
we had our acreidge listed for ....a lot. out her in arizona its hard to find anything past like an acre at a resonable price..its mostly off grid. The property was originally bought for around 30K or so. It has a 5 bedroom home on it with a well (hard to find) and solar and 300 one currently resides in it...

in Ketucky I bought 39.4 acers for 17K no house though. Its going to cost me roughly 30K to put a 2-3bedroom house that I am going to build.This ingludes a water system for collectino and solar panels etc My parents spent 15K on a 4 bedroom 5 acer home with 1400 sq feet but it was a fixer upper as well (and not off grid!) lol

Prices very greatly everywhere you go. The best advice I have is get with a realtor, look on craigslist, or remax sites..

would you guys possibly be willing to locate outside of your State?? Proprety is pretty reasonable in KY and TN ..MT is where I want to go buuuut I might have to settle for northern arizona

Mrs.Os 09-30-2012 12:23 PM

Re: Many questions
In the future possibly. I have a huge 5 gen family here and love seeing them daily. We don't have to be off the grid, but it sure would be awesome. that kind of stuff really can be just amazingly hard to find here. We may try to find something cheap on a few acreas and make it work for a few years. That sounds so cool, prices here are really odd, one day you find a great 3 bedroom solid enough fixer upper on a few acres for the same drive as a falling appart no property shack and the next you find another property like it for the same price as something that's just huge and great but we couldn't afford lol, the pricing is so messed up by how depressed the area is that you have to buy as is nearly asking price and be the first to see it to get anything even on the grid lol. But your area sounds really great! What kind of work is out there lol, we are either going to try and get something here in the next few months or wait 8 months post all schooling being done and move wherever we find good reliable and advancable work ;)

igotmywings 10-01-2012 09:38 PM

Re: Many questions
Depends on what field you work in! LOL. My SO has a job as a deputy and I work in mortgage originations. =) We live Tucson, Its harder to get property here though. (well more expensive) if you are okay with living out of town Flagstaff and snowflake arizona are wonderful but I have 0 idea on the job makets.I know tucson has some other smaller towns around it that are great buut property can be expensive and you are getting closer to the border.We are really looking to buy property up there and the kids and I go up on weekends and spend the growing season up there while SO spends his time in Tucson.
I LOVE the small town in kentucky where my property is! Russellville, Kentucky its near nashville. Property is cheap, its near bigger towns (for work) it also has a few factorys for work (like an aluminum plant) the hospital there isn't the greatest but your about a 30 min drive from bowling green that has 3 hospitals. Like I said I got my property for CHEAP and its in a great location. The ONLY bummer is they do not allow you to drill wells.

Mrs.Os 10-02-2012 07:22 AM

Re: Many questions
Neat, I require wells though. Need them I'm all big on water ;) I've got a few places this week to see wish me luck if I can find something here to convert to what I want that would be beyond ideal

Mrs.Os 10-02-2012 07:22 AM

Re: Many questions
Anyone done that ?

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